HP Service Helpline

0843 557 3594

The HP Helpline on this page can be used for contacting HP regarding help and advice on any of your HP devices such as computers.

Why Would I Need To Call the HP UK Support Helpline?

  • If you have a question before you buy.
  • For technical support on a product.
  • To ask about a repair or refund.
  • To enquire about warranties on a product you wish to buy
  • If you need to return a faulty product
  • If you require information on the HP recycling programme available to those who have HP products

Other HP Phone Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0843 557 3594

HP Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service Mon-Fri 8:30 – 18:00

HP Head Office Location

Department Location
Head Office 1501 Page Mill Rd #6A, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

What Products and Services Does HP Provide?

HP is a technology corporation and computer manufacturer. For a full list of products, call HP customer service UK. The company sells a wide range of products for the home, home office, all kinds of businesses, graphic arts as well as products for the public sector i.e. health and education. Examples of these items include laptops, tablets, desktops, printers, scanners, cash registers, servers and digital pressers. Prices can range, from £129 for an entry-level tablet, to £1,895 for an advanced printer. HP provide a number of support services for their customers, ranging from drivers and downloads to make sure your device is always up to date, online troubleshooting and support forums to see if others are having the same problem as you. Customers can also chat online with an online support technician. When you call the HP technical support team, you can ask questions before you buy, get technical support from an expert after you buy and give feedback.

About HP HP contact number

HP, or the Hewlett-Packard Company, is the world’s leading computer manufacturer. It was founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in Palo Alto, California. Its headquarters are still there to this day as part of Silicon Valley, the worlds technology hub. The company currently employs around 332,000 people. In 2012, it was the largest PC vendor in terms of sales. They aim to make their products environmentally sounds throughout their life and will take back old products to recycle them in 74 countries worldwide. Since 1987, HP Planet Partners has recycled more than 3.3 billion pounds of products, which is roughly the weight of 8000 blue whales. A lot of plastic in HP products is largely recycled and can be recycled again and again if you choose to return your product to HP. To find out more about HP, visit their website or ring the number above with any enquiries.

HP Innovation

Hewlett-Packard Company is constantly innovating itself. This year they have released the HP Elite Experience, which boasts exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional performance. HP have also entered the 3D printing revolution with its first 3D printer, ready to buy online or through the phone if you have any questions regarding 3D printing. The company is also working with NASA on the International Space Station to help push the boundaries on space and discovery.

HP has a goal to reduce its emissions into the environment by 40% by 2020. You can watch videos produced by HP on their helping of the environment over on their website.

Online Store

The HP online store sells everything from:

  • Laptops. Everything from your standard laptop, to 2-in-1 detachable laptops.
  • Desktop Computers including towers and gaming pcs
  • Tablets, including android and windows
  • Monitors, including those from the new elite range
  • Printers, including the introduction of the new 3D printers, which are due for release soon
  • Inks and Toners
  • Accesories. Such as keyboards and mice. HP also sell cases and cables for different laptops and pcs
  • Batteries and Media such as computer speakers and lighting for around your pc.

It also holds information on how to check the status of an order, reach technical support, activate a care pack, and redeem a promotional code. All of the services offered online can also be offered over the phone from their technical support. So if you would rather talk to a human being rather than a computer, we advise you call the number above and discuss your query with HP customers services, who can advise you on products that suit your needs.

Technical Support

The technical support available to you online and over the phone is of the key strong points available from HP. The HP team can help you with a variety of technical needs:

  • Drivers and Software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Registering your HP product online

Popular Questions About HP

HP: Where is serial number?

There are several ways to find out the serial/model number of your HP laptop:

  • Press Fn and Esc simultaneously and the system information window should display on screen.
  • Press Windows key and Q to bring up the HP support assistant and make a note of the product name at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press ESC and F1 as soon as you start your laptop up. HP contact number
  • Turn your laptop upside down (make sure it is switched off) and check the product label.

Which HP programs can I remove?

Unless your computer is running incredibly slowly, there’s no need to uninstall anything. Follow the rule that if you don’t know what it is, do not remove it. The safest thing to uninstall, if you have to, is HP Games Room.

Where are HP Printers made?

The majority of HP products are made in the USA, but some components are made in China.

Which HP printers are Airprint compatible?

Airprint is Apple’s mobile printing functionality. Some HP printers across all ranges are compatible with Airprint, including printers from the Deskjet, Envy, Photosmart, Officejet and Laserjet ranges.

When will HP split?

The original HP company decided to split its computers and printers business in 2014. The split was finalised on November 1st 2015, resulting in two companies: HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

HP Head Office

HP’s Head Office in the US is in Palo Alto, California. The Head Office in the UK, for those wanting to write to the company, resides in:

HP Inc.
88 Wood Street, 3rd Floor
United Kingdom
And the Bristol Head Office belongs in:
HP Inc.
Filton Road Stoke Gifford, Pt. Ground Floor
P.C BS34 8QZ
United Kingdom



Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to HP. The direct contact number for HP can be found in the public domain or on their official website.