Gumtree Contact Phone Number

0843 596 3159

gumtree contact number

Gumtree is an online classified ads site. It is the largest classified ads site in the UK.

Other Gumtree Contact Numbers:

Gumtree Phone Number
Head Office 0843 596 3159
Gumtree Complaints 0843 596 3159
Customer Services 0843 596 3159

Gumtree Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 24 hours, 7 days a week

Gumtree Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Gumtree



Reasons to call the Gumtree Contact Number:

    • If you’re having difficulty making an ad
    • You can’t reply to an online message
    • To find out why Gumtree removed your ad
    • I have had a bad experience with Gumtree and wish to complain
    • I want to find out more about payment on Gumtree

Can I apply for jobs on Gumtree?
Where are Gumtree based?
Why was my Gumtree ad removed?

Gumtree Services

Gumtree is a ‘classified’ website featuring a range of different advertisements. The advertisements are split into searchable categories, which are as follows:

  • Motors
  • For Sale
  • Competitions
  • Jobs
  • Property
  • Community
  • Services
  • Pets

The categories feature ‘sub-categories’ where you can search for a specific item such as car parts, musical instruments, hospitality and catering jobs, property to rent, events, tuition services and pets for sale.

Gumtree in your area

As well as being able to search adverts by function, you can search by area. Search by city or county. By clicking on the specific area that you want to search, you can see the amount of classified adverts in the area at the time. You can also see who has sold what in the area in the last few minutes.

Posting an ad on Gumtree

To post an advertisement on Gumtree, you must first create an account. From there, you select the category that you wish to post the advertisement in and a sub-category, such as:

  • Motors: Motorbike parts and accessories.
  • Property: Holiday Rentals.
  • For Sale: Garden Power Tools: Pressure Washers.
  • Jobs: Accountancy: Bookkeeping.
  • Services: Health and Beauty: Life Coaching.
  • Pets: Pets for Sale: Small Furries.
  • Community: Music: Musicians Wanted.

Once you have decided on the appropriate category, you must enter your location using a postcode and choose whether to include a map on your advert, which will help more people see the approximate location. The next step is to choose a 100 character title. You can then upload up to nine images to help your advert gain replies. The most important part of the advert is the description which can be up to 10,000 characters long. You can also link to your personal website. You must then choose which avenue of contact you prefer, be it email or phone number.

There are a number of options to make your advert stand out and get more replies. The main three options are as follows:

  • Urgent: Up to three times more views and replies, perfect if you need to hire, rent or sell quickly.
  • Featured: Up to seven times more views and replies and the ad will appear at the top of the listings for three, seven or 14 days.
  • Spotlight: Your post will appear on the Gumtree homepage and will be seen by millions of people. Spotlighted-Gumtree-Ad

Gumtree for Business

Gumtree is one of the most popular sites in the UK with a broad audience. The website believes that it should be used by businesses to advertise products, services and careers and has a portion of the website dedicated to the statistics that prove why it should be used by businesses. Some of the statistics include:

  • The amount of visitors per month which can be split by gender or age.
  • Information on what Gumtree users plan to do in the next year (buy a new car, change jobs, carry out home improvements)

Gumtree is the 32nd most visited site in the UK with 8.4 million unique visitors in the last month. These users generated 356 page views a month with over 100,000 new advertisements each day. Gumtree for Business aims to help businesses target their audience, get to know users with research conducted by the website and create an advertising campaign that can appear online and reach millions in a matter of minutes.

Gumtree’s Top Tips for creating a great ad

Be Clear

Be clear and concise in your title about the item/service/job.

Be Descriptive

Think of all the typical questions that someone might ask and place them in your ad.

If offering a job, make the requirements clear

Give specific requirements such as qualifications, visa and language skills upfront in your ad. Also state if you want to receive CVs and references upfront.

If looking for a tenant, be clear

To get the right tenants interested in your property, be clear about the size, any upfront costs, the area and when the room is available.

Add pictures

Photos make your advert much more appealing to a potential respondent. They attract more attention and generate more replies.

Be friendly

A bit of humour and background to your advert goes a long way- make your advert more human.

Price it right

Make sure you have entered a price for your product or service.

Contact Information

Check your contact number and email are correct.


Can I apply for jobs on Gumtree?

Yes, you can apply for jobs on Gumtree. You can also list a job with a Gumtree account. However, as with any jobsite, people can try to scam you. For more information on didgy ads posted to Gumtree, ring the number above or visit their website.

Where are Gumtree based?

Gumtree is based in central London, where its head office is.

Why was my Gumtree ad removed?

There may be a number of reasons as to why your Gumtree ad was removed. You should recieve an email stating the reason for its removal. If you have not recieved one of these, ring the number above and quite your ad reference number.

A Background To Gumtree

Gumtree is the number one classified site in the UK, with almost a million new adverts posted on the site each week, as well as 8 million visitors per month. Half of their visitors use the iOS and Android apps to access the listings, which can include cars, jobs and flats, as well as other things like furniture, mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Gumtree was formed in 2000 with the idea of linking people from other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, who were planning to move or had only just arrived in the UK with places to live and jobs. From this is has grown to offer classified adverts to connect people who want to buy or want to sell almost anything.

Gumtree users can list their items for free, with the option of paying for a featured advert if they wish. There is also a service called Gumtree Media, designed for use by business customers who wish to have multiple listings, such as car dealers, employers and property companies.

Below is Gumtree’s latest TV ad:



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