Phone The Gigs And Tours Number

0843 658 0848

If you are looking at making a booking for the latest concert tickets that have gone on sale this morning or are just after a last minute surprise for the weekend, you may find that you could benefit from having the Gigs And Tours Phone Number to hand.

Why Would I Need To Phone The Gigs And Tours Number?

Reasons you might need to have the Gigs And Tours contact number include:

  • To make a booking
  • To discuss an existing booking
  • To get a refund if a show has been cancelled
  • To make a group booking
  • To discuss an issue with making a booking online

A Few More Useful Gigs and Tours Contact Numbers:

Gigs and Tours Phone Number
Head Office Contact 0843 658 0848
Telephone Booking Hotline 0843 658 0848
Customer Services Contact 0843 658 0848

Gigs and Tours Contact Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Gigs and Tours Head Office Postal Address

Department Address
Head Office See Tickets
Norfolk House
47 Upper Parliament Street

More Information Available If You Contact Gigs And Tours By Telephone

gigsandtours customer contact lineGigs and Tours are an online retailer of tickets for music concerts, festivals and events of various acts. The site covers tickets for events that most people rush to buy, including a number of ‘superstar’ performers and offers tickets for many of the major venues around the United Kingdom. So if you are after tickets that have only gone on sale this morning, or want to discuss an existing booking, you might find that you need the Gigs And Tours phone number.

The website is the official site for SJM Concerts and Metropolis Music and is operated by See Tickets. See Tickets was founded in 1991 as Stoll Moss Ticketing. In 2002, it acquired Way Ahead and was re-branded as See Tickets in 2007. Their headquarters can be found in Nottingham and during 2012, See Tickets was responsible for the sales of over 10 million tickets. It is owned by Vivendia, who are a French company, and they also own Canal+, the Universal Music Group and 12% stake in shares of Activision Blizzard. You can use the website for information or phone Gigs And Tours’ number.

See Tickets offers its services in France, Austria, Belguim, the Netherlands and Spain. The estimated value of the company in 2011 was £100 million. See owns, which is a ticketing software house whose services are used by football clubs that include Manchester City, West Ham and Fulham.

Gigs and Tours FAQ

Alternative Contact Methods

As stated above, the fastest, easiest and least stressful way to contact the Gigs and Tours office is by calling their dedicated customer contact line on 0843 658 0848. This contact line is manned by dedicated customer relations staff between 9am and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday, which allows every customer an extensive window of opportunity during which they can contact the company.

Once connected, any enquiries, requests or issues you have can be dealt with by the contact line staff, all of whom are trained to answer any common customer problem. As they are situated in the head office, they will be able to connect to the most extensive Gigs and Tours database at will, providing enough information to resolve any issue you may have. Not only do they have access to enormous libraries of information (a huge volume, almost an entire Lost Library of Alexandria composed entirely of gigs and tours information) they can also resolve any issue you may have, whether that issue is with events timing, tickets, ticket delivery, upgrading or swapping tickets, tracking an order or changing or upgrading an order. If they run into an issue which they can’t deal with themselves, it’s a simple matter of arranging for your call to be immediately transferred up to a member of head office staff who has the authority and knowledge to resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

However, we acknowledge that it may not always be possible to call the Gigs and Tours contact phone number – it might be too inconvenient, too much hassle, you may be a mute, or hardware difficulties may prohibit your use of the extremely convenient and tailor-made phone line. In these cases, alternative contact methods must be employed, such as email or regular mail.

Gigs and Tours email address

The Gigs and Tours contact email address can be found at their official website (this isn’t it) and can provide all the same information and customer services as their contact line. If you need to get in touch by email, just go to the official site and click “contact us” to look for it.

Gigs and Tours postal address

If you’re more of an old-fashioned, paper and letters kind of person, you can send a letter to Gigs and Tours at the following address:

See Tickets
Norfolk House
47 Upper Parliament Street

Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Gigs And Tours. The direct contact number for Gigs And Tours can be found in the public domain or on their official website.