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What Products and Services Does Epson Provide?

Epson is an electronics retailer selling printers, projectors, scanners, disc producers, and label makers among others. The products range in price, from £69.99 for a standard printer to £7,210 for a HD projector. The company supplies to businesses as well as individual customers through a range of dealers. To find a dealer near you, call Epson support.

Accessories are also provided, such as ink, toner and paper. Epson is dedicated to supporting its customers, with a special set up and technical support centre, as well as repair and maintenance and replace and upgrade. The way that they do this is through online support, helplines, and providing service centres for customers to speak to an expert in-store. If you need technical support, call the Epson UK support number number shown above.


Epson designs and develops a range of printers for all needs and budgets. The printer types range from simple inkjet printers or laser printers which can print at high volume. The majority of new printers have been enabled with wifi connectivity, which means you can print from mobile devices. Newer printers are also very cost effective, as they have individual inks, which means you only ever need to replace the colour that has ran out. On certain printers, you can even print without using a computer if you have a memory card.


If you need a projector for a classroom or meeting room, Epson has a range of products to suit your needs and budget. The majority are portable, with some of the higher end products also being wireless for a neater appearance. You can also get home cinema projectors, with a quality guarantee of being able to watch one film every day for the next 11 years.


If you regularly need to scan documents or photos, it could be worth investing in a quality scanner. Choose from high speed scanners, or compact ones that will happily sit alongside your printer for a neat office space. If you are a photo enthusiast and you want to convert your photos into digital media, an Epson scanner could be a great way to do this in high quality.


Epson has one visualiser product; an advanced document camera. Designed to be used in conjunction with a projector, it provides clear magnification of documents for classroom environments.

Smart glasses

See the world in an entirely different way with Epson smart glasses. The Moverio BT-300 is the world’s lightest binocular device, allowing you to experience augmented reality. You can also use smart glasses for work; the MOVERIO PRO BT-2000 is a heavy duty design, a camera with depth mapping and motion sensors.

Business services


Use an Epson ProGraphics printer to create professional signage for your business. You can print on canvas, clear film, vinyl and photographic paper. For printing tshirts, you can buy a dye sub printer which specialises in textiles. Epson technology produces high quality printing for packaging and labels.

Epson Recycling

Epson aims to collect and recycle as many products as possible. For product recycling, a free of charge scheme has been set up in many European countries; you can dispose of your ink cartridges, toner, large printers and other printers, scanners and projectors.

Out of warranty repairs

If your older product needs repairing, Epson has a range of cost effective out of warranty repair options. They will get an engineer out to you and have them repair your item as soon as possible. The cost will depend on the scale of the repair; for instance, it obviously increases when you need a spare part.

Epson FAQs

My printer needs a new driver. How do I download it?

The majority of printer drivers are available to download for free via the support pages of the Epson website. The options available to you may vary depending on which browser or operating system you use.

Will Windows 10 work with my older printer?

Epson is committed to supporting Windows 10 and will continue to develop drivers and produce applications to comply with the new standards. New Epson products will work with Windows 10 straight out of the box.

My scanner is scanning really slowly, what can I do?

If your scanner is taking a long time and you are using the Epson Scan software, you should check your firewall and anti-virus software. Make sure that your firewall allows Epson Scan.

My printer is only printing partially. Why?

Partial printing of pages is usually caused by a communication error. Possible causes include an error with the printer driver, a document being too large or a lack of space in the hard drive.

How do I scan to Microsoft Word using my Epson scanner?

Save the scanned image file as a JPEG, then go to insert-file/object/picture in Word, where you should be able to add the photo. This is the case for newer versions of Word such as 2007 onwards.

About Epson

Epson are a Japanese electronics company founded in 1942. Its headquarters are in Shinjinku, Tokyo. It currently employs 75,000 people. The UK headquarters are based in Hemel Hempstead, and also houses a number of central European employees who work across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia. To find out more about Epson, visit the website or call the Epson Helpline.

The company’s origins lie in creating timepieces, such as a quartz timer in 1943. Today, the watch business is still a major part of Epson, but only accounts for approximately 10% of company revenues. For the 1964 Olympics, Epson was selected to be the time keeper for the Summer Olympics, and part of the timekeeping process required a printer to time events, so an electronic printer was developed.

In 1982, the company was officially named the Epson Corporation and it launched the world’s first handheld computer alongside a portable LCD TV.

Within the 21st Century, the company has continued to develop printers, alongside newer technologies such as smart glasses.

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