E.ON Contact Number

0843 658 6888

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E.ON Contact Numbers

E.ON Phone Number
Head Office 0843 658 6888
Complaints 0843 658 6888
Customer Services 0843 658 6888

E.ON Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office E.ON UK
Westwood Business Park

E.ON Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

When would I need to call the Eon emergency phone number?

  • To report a loss in electricity supply.
  • To report a gas leak.
  • To report a faulty boiler.
  • To submit some meter readings .
  • To complain about a service I received from E.ON.
  • To apply for a job at E.ON
  • To enquire about tariffs
  • To say you have forgotten your account login details
  • To alert E.ON that you are moving home
  • You have moved into a property that E.ON supplies
  • I want to have a smart meter installed
  • I want to top up my smart meter

E.ON products and services

Eon is an energy supplier in the UK. Eon services include gas, electricity and central heating. If you have a problem with any of these services, call the Eon emergency number. As a customer, you can opt for just one of these services or all of them. At the time of writing, there were four plans to choose from, in order to keep the process as simple as possible. Eon is also dedicated to helping customers save money on their bills, through a range of alternative heating sources, feed-in tariffs using low carbon energy devices and a loyalty scheme that rewards you for staying with Eon. If you are worried about an emergency, there is a dedicated section on the Eon website which gives you tips on how to keep you and your family safe in carbon monoxide, gas and electricity emergencies. However, if the problem is serious it is advised to call the Eon emergency number.

E.ON Account

If E.ON is your energy provider, you will have an account that you can sign into online to check things such as your latest bill and your usage. You can also quickly and easily pay your bill via your online account, contributing to helping the environment by opting to receive paperless bills. To log into your account, you will need your password, which will have been created when you registered for the account, along with either your created username, your email address or your account number (this number can be found on any paper bills you have received in the past, along with any emails you have received regarding your account). If you are having trouble accessing your account or have forgotten your login details please call the contact number and your issue will be resolved. To access your account just simply go to the E.ON website and select ‘log in’ at the top of the page. If you don’t have one but would like one, setting up will only take a few minutes and you can register for an account online. Submitting meter readings online is also extremely easy when you have an account and quick, regular submissions mean that you are less likely to be billed anymore than you owe and can help E.ON keep track of your usage. Logging in and viewing your usage could also encourage you and/or your family to make small changes here and there so that you use less energy.

E.ON Tariffs

It is important that you select an energy tariffE.ON power plant that is right for you and your home. You can browse through E.ON’s energy tariff’s on their website or you can call the contact number for further advice. The There are three main energy tariff’s that E.ON offer and these are; E.ON Energy Plan which is a variable price tariff and guarantees no exit fees, the E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year Tariff which protects you from price changes for twelve months and this tariff allows you entitlement of the E.ON rewards scheme which could see you earning money back on your household bills. This tariff is available as a dual fuel payment or electricity only. The E.ON energy fixed two-year payment plan will protect you from price increases for two years and you can also receive a £10 discount if you opt into paperless billing. Head over to the E.ON website for further tariff information. You can also receive advice on how to compare tariff information to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, as well as information about pre-payment meters if you are thinking of switching.

E.ON mobile App

You can now log into your online account on the go, as well as paying bills and submitting meter readings without being near a computer. The E.ON website and all of its features are mobile friendly but the app makes it much easier to view things such as your energy usage and any outstanding bills you may have. You can download it straight to your smartphone and log in with your account number and password. It is available on both Android and Apple. The emergency contact number can be found in the app and is available for 24/7 help should you find yourself without any gas or electricity. They even have a torch feature which is intended to help you find meter readings in low light. Call the contact number if you are having problems downloading, or using the app.


Where is E.ON Based?

E.ON have a number of different office locations as well as offshore and onshore wind farms and combined heat and power plants. To locate your nearest E.ON office, visit their website.

Are E.ON Smart Meters Free to Install?

A smart meter is the beginning of pay as you go energy, only paying for what you use, when you use it. They are free to install in your home and a member of the E.ON team will come at a time that suits you. There are many benefits to having a smart meter including no more estimated readings and also notifications when your meter charge is running low, reminding you to top it up. You only pay for the energy you use so you can see exactly how much energy you are using and take measures to cut that back, if you can. The smart display is easy to use and understand. It has been said that the government want to install a smart meter into every home by 2020. For further information on smart meters and how to go about installing one, please call the contact number.

How Does E.ON Direct Debit Work?

You can set up a direct debit to E.ON as a way of paying your bills hassle free each month. Although it is unlikely that you will use exactly the same amount of energy every month as a number of things contribute to energy usage, such as the time of year and the amount of people in the house. If you choose to pay a fixed price by direct debit, the cost of your bills will be spread throughout the year and this will be monitored to check that you are paying the right amount.

About E.ON

Eon is one of the UK’s leading gas and electricity providers. The Eon vision is to be the most trusted energy provider. Eon supplies to over five million homes and businesses, making them one of the largest energy companies in the UK. The company is constantly striving to find a cleaner source of energy through extensive research. To find out more about Eon, visit the Eon website.



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