When it comes to entertainment, it’s easy to get lost in the enormous variety of options available. You have the options of taking in a live show or a gig, kicking back to watch a film or a DVD, go to a football game or boxing match, or place a few bets on a race or a sporting event.

When it comes to getting tickets for sporting events or live concerts, talks or other shows, it’s advisable to always go through channels you know and trust, professionals like those companies listed below. Where ticket sales are concerned, ticket touting and scamming are unfortunate facts of life, and try as they might to eliminate them, the entertainment industry can do little to stop it.

You can help your chances of avoiding ticket touts and scam artists by shopping through official channels, going directly to venues for tickets and making sure that the prices you are being charged meet a competitive standard. It can be a pain trying to independently assess all these factors in the limited time available as a ticket-buying customer, and it’s often not possible to make sure you’re getting fair treatment in the time before a concert or match sells out – this is where the companies below come in.

With experience in promoting and ticketing live music events, sporting spectaculars and more, companies like ViaGoGo and Ticketmaster have exactly what you need when you’re looking for a ticket. Able to compare the market and sell tickets to events on behalf of the venues and event management team, they’ll help you avoid shysters and shills, and get you to the shows you love.

Alternatively, if you feel like staying in and watching a film, companies below such as Lovefilm are exactly what you’ll need, or you could walk on the wilder side and bet on an event with the likes of William Hill.

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