EDF Emergency Contact Number – 0843 658 0931

0843 658 0931

If you have a problem with your energy supply, you want it fixed as soon as possible. We can transfer you to the EDF Energy emergency number.

Why would I call the EDF contact number?

  • To report a loss in electricity supply. An EDF energy sign
  • To report a gas leak.
  • To report a broken boiler.

Other EDF phone numbers

Department Contact Number
Emergency 0843 658 0931

EDF opening hours

Department Opening Hours
Emergencies and customer services 24 hours, 7 days a week

EDF Head Office Location

Department Location
Head Office EDF Trading (Global headquarters)
3rd Floor, Cardinal Place
80 Victoria Street
United Kingdom

EDF Energy Services

EDF are one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers, offering electricity and gas installation for homes and businesses, as well as central heating and boiler services. If you have a problem with any of these supplies, you should speak to the EDF emergency team by calling the EDF Energy contact number. 

If you have lost your electricity supply, you should check whether your neighbours have power or not before calling. If they do, then you should check your trip switch, located in your fuse box. If the trip switch and fuses are working but you still have no power, then you should proceed to call EDF. EDF will detail any charges that they may issue you with and get an engineer out to you straightaway.

However, if it is a problem with your gas supply, for instance you can spot a leak, you must open all doors and windows and call EDF immediately as gas leaks are extremely dangerous. Even if you can only smell gas, you should look for a source and call your gas supplier.

Tariffs edf

For the home

Blue Price Freeeeze

This tariff is the longest fixed tariff on the market. The price is fixed until May 2018.

Blue Price Promise

If you choose this tariff, if EDF believes that you could save more than £1 a week elsewhere, they will tell you. Prices are fixed until March 2016.

Standard (Variable)

The prices on this tariff are variable- they can go up or down. The competitive rates of the tariff are best for any meter type and there is no end date or contract renewals to be pressured about.

Blue Fixed Prepay Gas stove flame

This tariff makes it easier to budget effectively. The price is fixed until October 2016 and you can pay in advance.

All of the above tariffs can be managed online for your convenience. There is also a 14 day cooling off period in case you change your mind.

For Business

Fixed for Business

This tariff has some great features- it is the most recommended energy tariff for businesses- they are:

• Price fixed at lengths to suit your needs.

• Protection against price changes during your fixed term period.

• Prices generally cheaper than variable contracts.

• Option for renewable energy.

• Automatic renewal onto Easy Fix at the end of the term.

The tariff is ideal if your business wants security in its energy price.

New Start edf for business

This tariff is perfect for new businesses. It has some great features to help you get on your feet such as:

• Competitive business electricity prices.

• A low fixed daily charge.

• Shorter fixed term whilst you evaluate your options.

Freedom for Business

This tariff is available for electricity or gas. It is called Freedom because you can choose another product at any time, the price is variable, there is no fixed end date and there is no notice to leave. This is ideal for flexibility and clarity between you and your energy provider.

On all of the above tariffs, you will get a 7 per cent discount if you choose to pay by Direct Debit.


Warm Home Discount warm home discount

Warm Home Discount was introduced in 2011 by the Government. The electricity suppliers work with the Government to offer extra support to people struggling to pay for their energy supply. There are several ways that the scheme can offer support, one is in the form of a rebate. For the year 2014/15, the rebate is £140.

If you receive pension credit you will automatically qualify for the warm home discount rebate. If you are eligible, the Department of Work and Pensions should write to you and let you know.

Customers who do not automatically qualify for the Warm Home Discount rebate can apply for Warm Home Discount Support Plus. To qualify, you or your partner must claim one or more of the following benefits:

• Income related Employment and Support Allowance.

• Income based Job Seekers Allowance.

• Child Tax Credits and an income of less than £16,000.

• State Pensions Credit (Savings Credit)

• Working Tax Credit and an income of less than £16,000.

Rebates will be paid from Winter 2014 to March 2015 as a one off payment. To be successful in your application, you may be asked to provide documentary evidence.

ECO- Free energy efficiency measures energy efficeincy

This Government initiative is designed to help keep homes warm especially throughout the harsh winter months. The help is providing by installing some home improvements so that customers can save energy and money on their bills. Some of the improvements are free to those who meet the criteria. To be eligible, you must receive any of the following: State Pension Credit, Child Tax Credits, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance, Working Tax Credit and a low income, Income Support/ Income based Job Seekers Allowance. Go online to register your interest.

Emergency Contact Information for EDF Customers

Gas Emergencies

If you think you have a gas leak or you can smell gas or you have any concerns about carbon monoxide, you should contact EDF Energy straight away.

You should also open all windows and extinguish any naked flames including cigarettes.

edf emergency

Electrical Emergencies

Your electricity supplier looks after the safety of your power supply. In the event of a power outage or electrical emergency you should contact your individual operator.

Popular questions about EDF

What is EDF Blue Price Promise?

The Blue Price Promise is a tariff from EDF. It offers guaranteed no price rises until July 2018, no fees if you wish to leave and electricity backed by a low carbon generation.

Why is my EDF account in credit?

Your account will usually be in credit because you have overpaid for the amount of energy that you have used, such as paying a larger bill than necessary.

EDF: Where to send cheques?

If you choose to pay your bill by cheque, cheques must be made payable to EDF Energy Customers PLC, with your customer account number on the back.

EDF: How to read meter

If you have an EDF electricity meter, here’s how to read it:

  • Digital meter- Read from left to right, ignoring numbers in red.
  • Electronic meter- Read the numbers from left to right, ignoring numbers in red.
  • Dial meter- Read the dial from left to right, if a dial is between two numbers, choose the lower number.

Are EDF Smart Meters free?

Yes. You can register your interest for upgrading to a smart meter on the EDF website. The company will be in touch when they are ready to visit your area to install smart meters. It’s expected that the technology will advance to a wider area by late 2016.

EDF Background

EDF energy was founded in 2002 following the merger of three energy companies. EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and its largest producer of low-carbon electricity. It is a  subsidiary of the EDF Group, which is one of Europe’s largest energy groups and generates around one fifth of the UK’s electricity and employ around 15,000 people. EDF supplies electricity and gas to around 5.5 million customers, making them the biggest supplier of electricity by volume. To find out more about EDF, visit the website here.  EDF-electricity-006


Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to EDF. The direct contact number for EDF can be found in the public domain or on their official website.