DVLA Contact Phone Number

0872 494 1000

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 Why Call The DVLA?

Calls received by the DVLA contact number usually involve:

  • Questions about driving licensesdvla contact number
  • Questions about car tax
  • Selling vehicles and updating records
  • Updating drivers’ road tax discs, or reporting an untaxed vehicle
  • to contact the DVLA about bereavements, acquired disabilities, changes in medical conditions and endorsements
  • Drivers contacting the DVLA number to purchase private registration plates
  • Vehicles rental companies wishing to check the license of someone hiring a vehicle.
  • Finding a lost license or reporting a missing license

In the past, getting in touch with the driving agency or even obtaining the correct DVLA contact number was considered more difficult  than the actual driving exams themselves, this was due to poor communication and awful planning. Nowadays the DVLA contact number is one of THE most commonly used telephone numbers in the United Kingdom. The agency currently takes millions of phone calls every year and with future call volumes set to increase, the agency is in an ever-present state of readiness to answer the phones and address a wide range of questions and queries from the Public.

What Does The DVLA Do?

The DVLA’s main responsibility is to maintain the records of licensed drivers and vehicles in the UK, but the agency is also responsible for:

  • Issuing licenses to new drivers
  • New drivers applying for provisional licenses
  • Issuing blue badges for disabled drivers
  • Facilitating the Police and Intelligence services as best as possible
  • Updating records on damaged or stolen vehicles

Where Are The DVLA Offices Based?

The DVLA is a national corporation. They have local offices situated in London, Bristol, Exeter, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and other locations across the UK.

What is the DVLA?

The DVLA ( Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) is a British Government agency. Created in 1990 by the Department of Transport, the agency was founded to replace the aging DVLC ( Driver & Vehicle Licensing Centre). The agency currently holds over 44 million valid driver’s licenses and 36 million licensed vehicles. If you want to learn more then click here.

The contact number provided will connect you to the DVLA. Calls are charged at 10p per min.

Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to DVLA. The direct contact number for DVLA can be found in the public domain or on their official website.