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0843 596 4086

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0843 596 4086

Call the number 0843 596 4086 to speak to The Disclosure and Barring Service which is a new agency created by merging the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). If you are looking to find out about a CRB check this is the contact you need to know, as since 2012 it has been re-branded as a DBS check.

CRB customer service contact numbers

Phone Number
Opening Times
CRB helpline 0843 596 4086 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm Saturday 10am till 5pm
 Apply to check someone else’s criminal record 0843 596 4087 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm Saturday 10am till 5pm
 Track a DBS check application 0843 596 4088 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm Saturday 10am till 5pm
 Sensitive applications 0843 596 4089 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm Saturday 10am till 5pm
 DBS certificate disputes 0843 596 4090 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm Saturday 10am till 5pm
 Complaints 0843 596 4091 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm Saturday 10am till 5pm

CRB helpline

Phone the CRB helpline to discuss DBS checks that you are carrying out on employees or employers are carrying out on you on the number 0843 596 4086. You can use this number to contact them about media enquiries and speaking to the right person to get information and quotes for news stories.

You can also phone this number if you would like to put forward a Freedom of Information request, it doesn’t typically cost to request this information, however, there may be a small charge for photocopies and postage.

Apply to check someone else’s criminal record

Contact the DBS on the number 0843 596 4087 to see whether you can request a check on someone else’s criminal record. There are certain situations when it can and can’t be done, so phone the number above to double check and find out.

If you are looking for a repeat check, then it’s important to know that DBS has no official expiry date, it’s just that the information is correct at the time of the check. It’s down to personal choice on when you would like to repeat the check.

Track a DBS check application

Phone the number 0843 596 4088 to track a DBS check application and see where it is up to. When you phone this number to track your application you will need to provide your application reference number and your date of birth too.

Sensitive applications

To discuss sensitive applications with the DBS you can phone the number 0843 596 4089. You can phone this number to request a DBS check for a Transgender applicant, and find out what needs to be done by you. It is best to speak to the DBS on the phone in these cases as they can’t guarantee the security of the information if you’re on email until they have possession of it.

DBS Certificate disputes

To dispute the result of your DBS certificate you can phone the number 0843 596 4090. If there are incorrect personal details on the certificate, incorrect conviction information or any other discrepancies, phone the number above to have this rectified. You might also have to let the person who requested that you complete the form know there has been an error in your certificate.


If you would like to make a complaint about the level of service you received from the DBS you can phone them on the number 0843 596 4091. When you phone this number you will have to provide them with details of the complaint, how you would like them to resolve it, personal information, including your customer reference number and contact details for them to be able to get back in touch at a later date.

The DBS will do their best to ensure that your complaint is resolved in a timely manner and provide a response within 10 working days. If they can’t do it within this time frame, they will get in touch to let you know of an estimated time frame of your complaint is answered.


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