Coventry Building Society Contact

0843 178 5398

 0843 178 5398

Coventry Building Society is a UK financial service and building society. Coventry Building Society was established in 1884 to support the community and now over 100 years later it provides its services to more than 1.4 million customers and over 350,000 mortgage members. The society is regulated by the financial conduct authority and authorised by the prudential regulation authority. You can get in touch with the society by calling the Coventry Building Society contact number on 0843 178 5398.

Coventry Building Society Contact Numbers:

Coventry Building Society
Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0843 178 5398 Monday to Sunday
8 am to 8 pm
ISA 0843 178 5393 Monday to Sunday
8 am to 8 pm
Mortgages 0843 178 5394 Monday to Sunday
8 am to 8 pm
Online Banking 0843 178 5395 Monday to Sunday
8 am to 8 pm
Jobs 0843 178 5396 Monday to Sunday
8 am to 8 pm
Complaints 0843 178 5397 Monday to Sunday
8 am to 8 pm

Coventry Building Society Customer Services – 0843 178 5398

You can get in touch with the Coventry Building Society customer services team for a number of reasons including if you would like to know more about the different services they offer to their customers, you would like to open a savings account, you need to make a claim on your insurance, you need to report some issues you’re having logging into your account or using your account, you would like to locate your local branch, you would like to know what savings services they offer, you would like to apply for a mortgage or you have another question for a member of the customer services team. To get in touch with the customer services team you can call the Coventry Building Society contact number 0843 178 5398.

Coventry Building Society ISA – 0843 178 5393

Coventry Building Society offers a range of tax-free ISA savings for you and your family. Some of the ISA’s available from Coventry Building Society are the Junior Cash ISA which offer’s 3.50% tax-free p.a./AER and no access until your child is 18, the fixed rate ISA which offers 2.10% tax-free p.a./AER and the additional allowance ISA offering 1.30% tax-free p.a./AER. You can look through the many ISA options offered by the Coventry Building Society by going to their website and selecting the ISA section on the menu. Once in the ISA section, you can look through the different ISA account details and you can even enter how much you would like to put into an account and you will be told how much you could earn. If you have some questions about a Coventry Building Society ISA or you would like to know more about the interest calculator you can call the Coventry Building Society contact team on 0843 178 5393.

Coventry Building Society Mortgages – 0843 178 5394

When you go onto the Coventry Building Society’s website to look for a mortgage you can either enter whether you want to remortgage, buy a home, buy your first home or buy to let, mortgage amount and property value to find a mortgage that suits your situation or you can view all of the mortgages available on the website. If you are looking to remortgage with Coventry Building Society they offer packages that include the standard legal work and a valuation up to £670, if you’re buying a home and you would like to take out a mortgage with Coventry Building Society and finally if you’re buying to let you can look at the guides for landlords and they offer valuations up to £700. If you are an existing mortgage member you can discuss borrowing more, moving home or inform them of personal details that have changed you can get in touch with the Coventry Building Society contact number, you can also call the contact number if you would like to discuss taking out a mortgage or any other questions. To call the Coventry Building Society contact number you can dial 0843 178 5394.

Coventry Building Society Online Banking – 0843 178 5395

The Coventry Building Society offers online banking services for their customers who would like to manage their finances more easily. You can sign up for the online banking services by going to the website and entering your account number, some of your personal details such as full name and date of birth, your address details as well as your contact details. Once you have applied for online banking you will be sent a Web ID that you need to enter everytime you log in, if you have forgotten this or you did not receive this you should get in contact with the Coventry Building Society’s online banking helpline. To log in to the online banking services you need to enter your Web ID, your date of birth and your password if you have forgotten your log in details the online banking helpline can help you reset your details. If you’re having problems using the online banking services or you have some questions regarding the services you can contact the Coventry Building Society’s online banking helpline on 0843 178 5395.

Coventry Building Society Jobs – 0843 178 5396

If you’re looking for a career with the Coventry Building Society you can explore their opportunities and departments on their careers website. You can choose one of two sides: analytical, logical, objective, methodical, detail-focused or creative, innovative, passionate, intuitive, customer-focused. Once you have chosen what side suits you the most you will be shown job roles and employee quotes from people who work in that area. If you would just like to view all of their available openings or you would like to use the advanced search to find a shop near you, you can also do this on the careers website. To use the advanced search you just need to enter desired job type, locations and enter a salary search and you will be shown any openings available for you to apply for. If you would like some help with applying for a job or you would like to find out more about a specific opening you can do so by calling the Coventry Building Society jobs helpline on 0843 178 5396.

Coventry Building Society Complaints – 0843 178 5397

If you have had a bad experience with the Coventry Building Society such as is if you are unsatisfied with the services you have been receiving from the company or you have had a bad encounter with a member of their staff. If you are worried about your finances being kept with the company or you feel you were given misleading or unhelpful advice by a member of the staff and it has led you into financial trouble you should file a formal complaint with the company. To file a formal complaint to the Coventry Building Society you can get in touch with their complaints team on 0843 178 5397, you will need to provide some personal and account details (if you are an existing customer) and then a detailed description of the situation you would like to make a complaint about. Once this process is done they should get back to you within two weeks if they need to investigate further, require further information from you or your complaint will take longer than normal to reply to you will be contacted and informed of this.


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