Couriers are an often forgotten about and underestimated industry. Most of the time, we are content to run our own messages and rely on the postal system for the rest, and so long as we have plenty of free time and no large or delicate items to ship, this is a perfectly fine way to be.

However, when we suddenly need to ship a bulky parcel, or one which must arrive on time to a certain location, it may become less feasible to simply use Royal Mail. The cost of shipping a delicate or heavy package may rise to the point that it becomes prohibitive, or the working hours of post offices may restrict us to frantically running there at lunch time, or bugging a friend to do it for us.

In these situations, a private courier company is the perfect solution. With high standards of security and assured delivery times, these companies are more able to handle unusual requests, like delivery within a set time frame, delivery of a very awkward or fragile item, like a heavy set of speakers or a crystal glass, and in many cases are even able to meet you at a location of your choosing to pick up the package before taking it to the delivery point.

Hiring a professional private courier company means having someone to turn to when you need a parcel delivered safely, securely and punctually. If you can’t make it to a post office with the package, or if it is heavy or complex enough that Royal Mail would make you take out a mortgage to pay off the shipping costs, then one of the companies below may well be your best bet to get that parcel where it needs to go.

DPD Contact Number For Customer Services 0843 557 3392

DPD, a major competitor toParcelforce , are one of the busiest delivery companies in the UK. Making large item deliveries is their specialty. You can find out more why you may need to call DPD or how you can call DPD.

Parcelforce Customer Service Contact Number 0844 453 0161

0844 453 0161 The parcel post division of the Royal Mail was established in 1883, although parcels continued to be delivered by train companies for a few decades. The Royal Mail was separated into three…

Parcel2go Contact Phone Number 118 057

0843 557 1882 Parcel2go was founded in 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of FAM Logistics. It was the first delivery company to base their service entirely online. The company sends over two million parcels…

UK Mail Customer Contact Number 0844 453 0132

0844 453 0132 UK Mail is a private postal company. The company provides parcel delivery, both domestic and business, a mail-sorting service, a same day courier and logistics service, online services for businesses and IT…

Interlink Express UK Contact Number 0844 826 0257

0844 826 0257 Interlink is an international courier service. Interlink Express was launched in 1979 as a motorcycle courier, before becoming an overnight delivery service in 1981. Since 2000, Interlink has been owned by La Poste,…

TNT Contact Phone Number 0843 557 3841

0843 557 3841 TNT is the UK’s leading business-to-business courier service. With over 70 depots strategically placed around the UK and Ireland and 11,000 employees, this is not surprising. The company delivers 100 million parcels…

Contact The UK Fedex Number 0843 658 0935

Fedex,Parcelforce are a well known courier in the UK and in Europe. They are a well known courier brand who make millions of deliveries each and everyday. You can find out more here.

Yodel Helpline Contact Number 0844 556 4733

0844 556 4733 Yodel was created in 2010 after a merger between HDNL (Home Delivery Network Ltd.) and DHL was agreed. Since then, they have become the 2nd biggest delivery company in the UK, working…