Co Op Phone Number For Telephone Banking

0844 453 0176

Opening Hours

The Co-Operative Telephone Banking Number is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Based in Manchester and committed to ethical banking, the Co-Operative Bank is an offshoot of the Co-Operative, a large corporation in which every customer is a shareholder. Cooperative online banking and Co-Op telephone banking allow customers to access the co-operative’s banking service without actually going into a branch, and means customers can access their funds and make transfers, balance checks and enquiries and manage their payments and debits at any time of the day or night, from any location.

Why Call The Telephone Banking Phone Number At Co-Op?co op bank phone number

The Cooperative Telephone Banking line allows you to access all the usual functions of a visit to a bank branch, without needing to go there! If you work during bank hours, or if your nearest branch is far away, it can be a real pain in the neck to get there while it is open, and that goes double if you only remember about a payment or funds transfer at night or while away from home.

Not only is it convenient – it is becoming increasingly necessary in an age of branch closures to be able to manage your bank accounts from afar. The Cooperative has been hit less hard than other bank chains, but branches are still closing across the country with no sign of slowing, due in part to the spread of internet banking and telephone banking services. With co-op telephone banking, you don’t need to worry about whether or not your closest branch might close – you’ll be able to do everything you need from the comfort of your living room, office, on the road – wherever you are!

With Co-Op Telephone Banking, you can check your balance on any synched accounts, make funds transfers and manage your bills. You can also browse through and change your direct debits, giving you control over your outgoings wherever you are. You can upgrade your account, set up a link between related accounts, or change your account details, including registering a new address, login information and home branch.

If you’d like to switch your current account or savings accounts to a Co-Op account, you can call the Coop telephone banking number to get in touch with Co-op’s customer registration services and work to switch their account over quickly, easily and effectively. Similarly, if you are calling to set up a savings account or begin an investment portfolio, The Co-op Bank’s advisors can help you through every step of the process to help ensure you get your money’s worth and find the best possible savings/investment opportunity.

This advice service also extends beyond savings and investment to Co-Operative Insurance policy, meaning the cooperative telephone banking number can be used to help make sure you get the best car insurance policy, the most cost-effective and comprehensive home insurance, and the most protective business insurance possible. The advice team are on hand 24 hours a day, every day of the week to help anyone who needs more information on the Co-Op Bank, or anyone who would like to make an enquiry about the insurance policies, the savings options and the benefits or drawbacks of all the different accounts available as a Co-Op Bank customer.

In summary, you can the Coop telephone banking phone number any time, when you’d like help with:

  • Switching your current account to the Co Op Bank
  • Advice with savings, loans or a mortgage
  • Finding the best car, home or business insurance policy for you
  • Find out more about Youth accounts, or the Co Op Bank’s telephone, mobile and online banking services

Co-Op Telephone Banking Complaints

To make a complaint to the Co-Op over the telephone, just call the Co-Op Telephone Banking line on 0844 453 0176, and ask to be put through to the complaints department. The customer service experts there will be able to help you resolve any issue you have had with the bank, and can provide transfers, refunds or other compensation for your trouble. This department can also deal with account switches as closures, should you want to close your Co-Op Bank account.

Co-operative Telephone Banking Opening Hours

As it is partially automated for enhanced security and accessibility, the Co-Op Telephone Banking Phone Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s available literally any time you need it, and can make transfers or help you manage your accounts from any location, in the middle of the night, on bank holidays… Whenever and wherever you need it, it’s there for you.

Manage Your Money With Telephone Banking At The Co-op

The Co Operative Bank is owned and run by The Co Operative Group. It is a retail commercial bank, offering its customers a range of ways in which to manage and protect their money; from current accounts, savings accounts and ISAs, to mortgages, loans, credit cards and insurance policies.

The Co Op Bank offers an exclusive Current Account Switch service, which aims to make transferring your current account to the Co Op Bank easier than ever. It also offers Youth Accounts, which are specially designed for children. The Bonus Account teaches children the important skill of managing their money, whilst the a Future Fund will enable you to save up for your child’s future.

The Co Op also offers customers a choice of ways in which to keep on top of their finances, including Co Op telephone banking, mobile baking and online banking. Telephone banking can be contacted on the Co Op Bank phone number. The mobile banking includes flexible balance alerts straight to one’s iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. All methods allow the customer to have full control of their transactions and account balances from almost anywhere.

Once a part of the Co Op Bank, customers can access exclusive tools and guides for managing their money, such as monthly credit card and loan repayment calculators, mobile banking demos, and savings or ISA selectors.

More About the Co Op Bank

The Co Op Bank was originally founded in 1872, but did not become a registered company until 1971. Part of The Co Operative Group, it is part of the UK’s largest consumer co-operative. Since 1992, it has been renowned for its ethical policies, refusing to support or invest in companies that foster the arms trade, fossil fuels, animal testing, slave labour or genetic engineering. As a result, although it has grown more slowly than its less ethical neighbours, the Co-Op has gained a strong presence on the world stage and gained the loyal support of millions of ethically-minded people.

The bank is part of a group of businesses also responsible for Smile, Britannia and CIS General Insurance.

Co-Op Financial Planning – Important Information

The Co Op Bank is no longer able to offer a Financial Planning service due to insurance provider AXA withdrawing its services. Customers of the Co Op Bank can still receive advice and support on their mortgages however with the help of one their dedicated Mortgage Advisers. For more information on this, call the Co Op number.


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