Clydesdale Bank Telephone Banking Number

0843 658 6899

Clydesdale Bank contact number


Other Clydesdale Bank Numbers:

Clydesdale Bank Phone Number
Head Office  0843 658 6899
Clydesdale Bank Complaints  0843 658 6899
Customer Services  0843 658 6899

Clydesdale Bank Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Clydesdale Bank Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, G1 2HL

When should I call the Clydesdale Bank Contact Number?

    • When you need to check your balance
    • When you need to set up standing orders on your account
    • To arrange a loan
    • To query a transaction on your account
    • To complain about the level of service you have received previously

How do I close my Clydesdale Bank account?
Is Clydesdale Bank open on Saturdays?
How do I change my name with Clydesdale Bank?


Clydesdale Telephone Banking Servicesclydesdale bank

Telephone banking is an increasingly popular way to manage your account, accompanied with online banking. To set up the service, call Clydesdale Bank telephone number.Wherever you are, any time of the day, you can enjoy the freedom of telephone banking. You can transfer money between accounts, check your account balances, pay bills, cancel direct debits, order foreign currency, arrange a personal loan or announce a change in address. These services were previously something you could only do in your local branch. The service is completely secure.

Clydesdale Bank Branches

Clydesdale Bank has branches all over the UK. Some of their major locations include:

Glasgow: 120 Bath Street G2 2EN.

66 Queen Street G1 3DS.

1 Woodside Crescent, Charing Cross G3 7UL.

Edinburgh: 20 Hanover Street EH2 2QW.

29/30 Nicolson Square, University EH8 9BX.

1 Croall Place,Leith Walk EH7 4LT.

50 Lothian Road, Festival Square EH3 9BY.

London: 35 Regent Street, Piccadilly SW1Y 4ND.branch

Carlisle: 82 English Street CA3 8HP.

Workington: 74 Pow Street CA14 3AA.

Other Banking Services at Clydesdale

Current Account Direct

This high-interest current has been designed so that you can manage it remotely without needing to visit a branch. Some of its features include:

  • 2% AER on your credit balances up to £3000.
  • Competitive overdraft rate.
  • Debit card.
  • Internet Banking.
  • Mobile Banking.
  • Telephone Banking. clydesdale

Signature Current Account

For £13.50 a month, this account gives you many benefits including insurance, discounts and more. Some benefits include:

  • Worldwide travel insurance.
  • Mobile phone insurance.
  • Gadget insurance.
  • ID Defender.
  • Signature rewards.
  • UK breakdown cover.
  • Preferential rates on savings accounts.

Current Account Plus

Current Account Plus helps you make the most of your money by giving you:

  • Competitive planned overdraft rates.
  • Savings Account Plus.
  • A debit card.
  • The ability to withdraw cash at participating retailers.
  • 24 hour telephone/internet/mobile banking.

 Current Account Control

This account helps you to avoid unplanned overdraft charges for £7.50 a month, with features such as:

  • A debit card which lets you pay for goods and services. clydesdale bank card
  • Cashback from participating retailers.
  • Withdraw up to £350 a day.
  • Pay your bills with a Direct Debit/Standing Order.
  • 24-hour telephone/internet banking.
  • Salary, wage or pension paid straight into the account.
  • Mobile phone top up at ATMs.

 Credit Cards with Clydesdale Bank

Gold MasterCard

This credit card can be used at millions of places worldwide. That’s not the only great thing about it, you’ll also get:

  • 0% interest on purchases.
  • Extra security checks on online purchases.
  • Free additional cards for your family members.
  • No annual fee.

Contactless Cards

Clydesdale Bank credit cards are contactless- meaning that for purchases up to £20, you can just touch and go. It can be used at many high street retailers such as Marks & Spencer and WH Smith. contactless

Savings with Clydesdale Bank

Savings Account Plus

With the Savings Account Plus, you can enjoy a healthy return on your savings as well as features such as:

  • Daily calculated interest.
  • 24-hour the internet and telephone banking.

Signature Savings Account

When you open a Signature Current Account, you automatically open a savings account and get access to great benefits including:

  • Preferential interest rates.

Instant Savings Account A woman walks past a Clydesdale Bank in Glasgow as National Australia Bank announce job cuts

This flexible account gives you access to your money when you need it, with other features such as:

  • Interest calculated on a daily basis.
  • No charge for withdrawals.
  • Maestro Debit Card.
  • Tiered interest rates.

Loans with Clydesdale Bank

You can get a loan from Clydesdale Bank for almost any purpose e.g. for personal reasons, for a new car, paying for a holiday and more. The low rate loans feature many benefits including:

  • Instant online decision.
  • Borrow from £1,000 to £25,000.
  • Choice of terms from 1-5 years.
  • Unsecured loans (no need to use your home as security)
  • Fixed interest rates.
  • Print and post paperwork.
  • Funds paid directly into your account. atm
  • Early repayment options.

Mortgages with Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale Bank offers a range of mortgage options for their customers. Below you can find the full list of these. For more information on any of the mortgages below, ring the number above and we will put you through to a member of the customer services team.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Fixed rate mortgages ensure that you know how much you will be paying each month for your mortgage so that you can keep up repayments accordingly.

First Time Buyer Mortgage

If you are over 18 and have never had a mortgage, you qualify as a first-time buyer. You can enjoy a range of benefits to this type of mortgages such as 5% deposit, £500 cashback and no arrangement fee.

Buy to Let Mortgage buy to let

If you are considering buying a property to rent to tenants, this is the mortgage you will need. A proportion of the expected rental income is taken into account when calculating how much you can borrow.

Second Home Mortgage

Clydesdale Bank knows that just because you are already on the property ladder, doesn’t mean you don’t need help. Second home mortgages are perfect for a holiday home or a home closer to work that you would rather own than rent. You must already have a mortgage with the bank.


If you are looking for a better deal on your mortgage, Clydesdale Bank has a range of remortgaging deals that could help to save you money.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Ways of Banking with Clydesdale Bank

There are many ways to bank

24 hour Internet Banking

This is the most convenient way to bank- view up to 100 days transaction history, transfer money between accounts and manage direct debits.

Mobile Banking

Control your money whilst out and about with the new mobile app and text alerts. View balances and transactions, move money between accounts and get a weekly balance update.

Branch Network

The branch network has a friendly service which lets you withdraw and deposit cash, check account balances and get advice on all products.

Telephone Banking

Enjoy the freedom of banking over the phone and you can pay selected bills, transfer money, order foreign currency and much more.


Banking by ATM saves you time and lets you check your account balance on screen, top up a mobile phone and change your PIN.


How do I close my Clydesdale Bank account?

You can close your account with Clydesdale by visiting your local branch or ringing the number above. We will put you through to customer services who will be able to close your account for you.

Is Clydesdale Bank open on Saturdays?

Some branches may be open on Saturdays, however, they may only be open for a small amount of time. Ring the number above to find out if your local branch is open on Saturdays.

How do I change my name with Clydesdale Bank?

To change your name with Clydesdale Bank, ring the number above or visit your local branch where a member of staff will be able to change the name on your account

About Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale Bank is a Scottish bank formed in Glasgow in 1838. It is the smallest of the three Scottish banks, the others are the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland. These three banks remain the right to issue their own banknotes, which are now only accepted in Scotland. The bank currently employs 2,700 people and it’s headquarters are in Glasgow. For more about Clydesdale Bank Telephone Banking, visit the website.


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