Citylink Contact Phone Number

0843 557 3714

If you need information about Citylink buses, you might need to Citylink contact number.

Reasons to Call the Citylink Phone Number:

  • To book tickets
  • To find out about special event services
  • To get service updates

Citylink Numbers:

Department Contact Number
Citylink Head Office 0843 557 3714
Citylink Tickets 0843 557 3714
Cancellations 0843 557 3714

Citylink Buses

Scottish_Citylink_coach_(LSK_878),_15_September_2011Citylink is a long distance bus operator. They offer express services in Scotland and Ireland. It is known as Irish Citylink in Ireland and Scottish Citylink in Scotland.

Citylink was founded in 1985 and became a joint venture between ComfortDelGro (65%) and Stagecoach (35%) in 2005.

In Scotland, Citylink offers services that connects:

  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Stirling
  • Inverness

There are also a number of routes that connect rural highland communities with the more urbanised areas. There are more than 200 destinations served by around 90 coaches that carry more than 3 million passengers each year.

Citylink Gold services operate between Glasgow and Aberdeen or Glasgow and Inverness. They offer a more of a luxury option, with leather seats, free wi-fi connectivity and other extra service on board, such as free tea and coffee. There are three services a day in each direction on both of the routes, the numbers of which can be found below:

  • G9
    • Glasgow -> Aberdeen
  • G10
    • Glasgow -> Aviemore -> Inverness
  • G92
    • Edinburgh -> Aberdeen

The headquarter of Scottish Citylink can be found in Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow.

Citylink Event Services

shutterstock_276460940Citylink offers event services as well, providing coach travel to large concerts and festivals in Scotland. It is the official transport provider for T In The Park, providing regular services and it drops off at the entrance of the festival.

The advantages of using Citylink coaches for concert and festival travel primarily is that it is much cheaper than travelling by car, simply taking the cost of fuel and parking into consideration.

Also, Citylink coaches are fully air conditioned as well as providing a modern and spacious feel. You are also guaranteed a seat, providing you book in advance. In some instances, a double decker bus may be used to fulfil demand.

Citylink has services that run to Loopallu and Rock Ness too, with coaches leaving at regular intervals.

Booking Citylink Tickets

You have a number of options when it comes to booking Citylink tickets. You can simply buy your ticket on the day as you board the bus, book over the phone or buy your ticket online.

To book your tickets online, you just need to input where you are leaving from and going to (for example, Glasgow Airport to Edinburgh). Then you select the type of ticket you want; Single, Return or Open Return, and then the date and time you are departing on. If you have a promotional code, you can also enter it at this point.

It is possible to buy Standard, Child, Counted, Elderly/Disabled and Young Person tickets online. You just need to select the appropriate option on the right hand side of the ticket buying section of the site.

Citylink Timetables

Bus StopIf you need to view a Citylink timetable for your local service, you can do this via their website. At the top of the page, it will tell you the period that the timetables are valid for, such as “Summer timetables – Valid from 18th May until 4th October 2015”. This should ensure that you know you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information, rather than looking at an out of date listing that provides incorrect times.

The online timetables use certain codes to convey information in short hand. These include:

  • D- Daily
  • M- Mondays
  • T- Tuesdays
  • W- Wednesdays
  • Th- Thursdays
  • F- Fridays
  • S- Saturdays
  • Su- Sundays

If a service only runs on certain days, there will be combination of these letters displayed, for example, TF means it operates and Tuesdays and Fridays only and WTh means Wednesdays and Thursday only.

Italics are also used to indicate approximate times. If you are wanting to board a bus at one of these stops, you are advised to arrive approximately 5 minutes before the time that is shown.


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