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Do you care for someone? Do you need financial help? Let us do our bit by getting hold of the Carers Allowance contact number for you.

carers allowance contact numberWhy would I need to call the contact number for Carers Allowance?

  • To find out whether you are eligible or not
  • To get help claiming
  • To find out how much money you will get

More About Carers Allowance And Why You Might Need The Telephone Number

Carers Allowance is financial aid you can claim if you care for someone. To claim, you do not have to be related or live with the person you care for, you just need to be aged 16 or over and spend 35 hours a week caring for them. The allowance is £59.75 a week, but it is taxable and could affect your other benefits. You may not get it if you are in full time education or you earn more than £100 a week (after tax). For more details about this, call the Carers Allowance contact number.

There are two ways to apply. You can do it online or by post. You cannot apply via the Carers Allowance phone number. The Carers Allowance is number is for enquiries only. It takes four to six weeks to process your claim and if someone else looks after the same person, only one person is allowed to claim it. If you were entitled before you claimed, you can ask for your allowance to be backdated for up to three months.

About Carers Allowance

In 1976, the Invalid Care Allowance was announced. It was the first benefit for carers and still is today, under the new name Carers Allowance.

Thousands Missing Out On Carers Allowance

April 4th, 2014

Child Tax Credit NumberThousands of people who are entitled to claim Carers Allowance are missing out. An AM in Neath Port Talbot, Wales, Gwenda Thomas, says that in her county there are more than one thousands people who are entitled to it but have not made a claim. She is asking her constituents who are currently caring for family members of friends to seek out these benefits.

Gwenda Thomas said she’s concerned about the number of people who are eligible but are not aware that they can make a claim. You are entitled to these state benefits if you are a carer aged 16 or over and need to care for someone for 35 hours per week or more. You do not have to be an immediate family member to claim.

Gwenda Thomas said: “”I have been concerned for quite a while about the numbers of carers across my constituency that are not in receipt of Carers Allowance. I have therefore decided to launch a campaign in my constituency to encourage people to apply for this allowance. The level of the benefit is currently £59.75 per week, which could make a real difference to carers lives.”

The campaign will be launched on the first weekend of April at her constituency office. However, this is not a problem isolated to Neath Port Talbot, it’s estimated that there are thousands of more people across many counties in the UK who are not claiming benefits they are entitled to.

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