Capital One Contact Number Details

0844 453 0125

The Capital One Phone Number Can Be Used To:

  • To get help with choosing the right credit card for your needs.
  • To report a lost or stolen card, or suspect activity on your account.
  • To get help with paying off a bill.
  • To enquire about the types of credit cards they can give you.
  • To enquire about information regarding overdrafts with the Captial One card.

What Does Capital One Do?

Capital One is a US based bank specialising in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking and savings services. The company is credited with helping to bring credit cards to the mass market. Its US headquarters are in Virginia, and their UK executive office is in Nottingham. The company currently employs close to 40,000 people and is considered one of the best companies to work for due to their career advancement scheme. Capital One states that it has a three part vision: the first is to “truly meet consumer needs” by providing credit cards tailored to each person, the second is to “give people what they expect” meaning that they acknowledge the shady past of banks and are striving to improve perceptions, and lastly to create lasting relationships with their customers so that they aren’t flitting from bank to bank. This vision helped them become one of the top ten credit providers in the UK. They try and make the application process as simple as possible, and you can now find out if you would be accepted for a credit card before you even apply, by using their mobile app – available on android and in the apple store. Captial One will also let you know about your plan before you even sign up.

Captial One have also won awards for their excellence in the credit field, the Winner of the Best Achievement in Treating Customers Fairly Award at the Card and Payments Awards 2015, and the Winner of the Award for Fraud Prevention Team of the Year at the Credit Today Awards 2015.

If you need a credit card, give the Capital One contact number a call.

What Is Credit?

Credit can mean various other terms such as loans, mortgages, overdraft, credit cards and store cards. To give the most simple definition of it is an arrangement when you purchase goods or services right now, but come to an agreement to pay for them later.

Most of the time, you have to repay a set amount each month with additional interest. It is key that you keep up these repayments every month as there may be further charges if you miss a payment deadline.

Loans are a form of credit and is when you borrow a particular amount for a set period of time at a consistent interest rate. There are two different types of loans- Unsecured and Secured.

Unsecured loans are also called personal loans and are usually used for purchasing big ticket items, like a car. These types of loans are supported by your credit worthiness, rather than being backed by collateral, meaning that the lender is trusting you to repay the debt without having to secure it against something else.

A secured loan are when your property or something else that has a high value, such as a car are held as security (sometimes called collateral). This is the main consideration for it as well as your credit worthiness and you should treat these loans with extreme caution as the lender can take possession of whatever you have offered as collateral if you can’t pay back the loan.

Capital One also have a page dedicated to Credit Made Clearer videos, to show customers how credit works with their company and services. You can also ring the number above for any information or questions on credit and what it is.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Or CSR, is Capital One’s dedication to helping their customers find what they’re looking for and giving them great service whilst doing so. The company is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), an independent organisation who regulates a lot of companies in the UK to make sure they’re sticking to the rules implemented by them. They will never unknowingly try to take more money off of a customer, however they have stated that they may apply card charges to those who have gone over the limit on their card. They have also stated that they will send letters to customers who are nearly at their limit on their credit cards to warn them of impending charges.

Capital One Charitable Donations

Capital have supported both Nottingham Forest Football Club Community programme, and the Nottingham Ice Centre’s youth skating programme. They have also raised millions of pounds for local and national charities. Overall they have donated £1,000,000, which has benefited more than 25,000 individuals from nearly 500 charitable organisations. They also want to help young people who require certain skills to get the job that they want, and in 2012, Capital One launched a four-year partnership with YouthNet, an online charity for 16-24 year olds. YouthNet aims to help young people develop within their career by funding their education and giving them the skills they need to grab that first job. They also help local schools in their community projects and teach them about financial management as they grow older.

Brief History of Capital One

Capital One in the UK is a subsidiary of Capital One Financial Corporation in the US, which was established in 1995. It was brought over to the UK in 1996. Their UK head office can be found:

Capital One Card Services
P.O. Box 5283



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