BT Vision Contact Telephone Number

0844 826 0468

BT Vision is a great new way to watch TV. However, if you’re experiencing problems with the service, there is a  BT Vision number to request for help.

Why would I need to call the BT Vision contact?

  • To subscribe to the service
  • To get pricing information
  • To report a technical problem
  • To make an enquiry or complaint

BT Vision and Teletext
BT HD channels
Replacement remote controls
Powerline adapters/a>
Why do I need a broadband connection?
BT Vision buffering

Useful BT Vision phone numbers:

BT Vision Phone Numbers
BT Vision Head Office 0844 826 0468
Subscriptions 0844 826 0468
Cancellations and Complaints 0844 826 0468

BT Vision Customer Service Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Pensions Credit Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm
Saturday 8am to 8pm
Sunday 9am to 6pm

BT Vision Head Office Address

Department Head Office
BT Vision BT Group plc,
BT Centre,
81 Newgate Street,
London EC1A 7AJ

What is BT Vision?

BT Vision is a subscription TV service by the telecommunications company BT. Along with BT Vision, there is also Youview and BT Sport and these three services join together to make BT TV. You can purchase BT TV packages, which as a general rule feature over 70 Freeview channels, access to seven days catch up TV and a library of online shows that you can rent. You can also watch the latest blockbuster films or add extra 18 channels by paying a bit more. BT has received praise for BT Vision, with it being hailed as an alternative to Sky or Virgin Media. With the amount of channels available on BT TV, you are sure to find a channel you like, whether you’re a comedy fan, documentary junkie or film fanatic. This is especially the case now they have entered into a deal to carry Sky Movies. To get information on the channels available, call the BT Vision contact number.

More About BT TV

BT TV was originally launched as BT Vision in 2006. In 2013, the service was re-branded as BT TV. At the time of writing, BT TV had over 830,000 subscribers. BT TV was also awarded best TV provider in 2013 by Which?.

BT Vision

BT Vision was the former name for BT’s television services, which is now known as BT TV. You’ll be able to watch box sets, live sports, kids TV and films. You can also add extras such as Netflix or Sky Cinema to your account to enhance your viewing experience. You’ll be able to watch from the comfort of your sofa with a set-top box or on the go with the BT TV app so that you can enjoy shows whenever you want.

BT TV Packages

There are several different types of BT TV packages available. They all vary in price and in terms of what’s included, but all packages require BT broadband.

  • Starter package- YouView box, 80 channels, catch-up TV, add BT Sport for free.
  • Entertainment Plus- Youview+ box, record up to 300 hours, 108 channels, add sport for free, BT TV app.
  • Total Entertainment- Youview+ box with HD channels, record up to 600 hours, 133 channels (15 in HD), add BT sports for free, BT TV app and kids TV included.

You can personalise your package by adding Netflix, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports 1 and 2, BT Kids, BT Music and BT HD.

BT TV and Broadband

As mentioned, you must have BT Broadband to get BT TV and some packages will require fibre optic broadband. You can check with BT online or over the phone if fibre optic is required and if so, whether you are able to get it in your area.

If you’re not currently a BT Broadband customer, you can select a broadband and TV package, which means that you’ll get full access to BT TV as well as a super fast, effective broadband connection.

BT Vision Channels

There are over 80 channels available on BT TV, depending on which package you choose. They include:

  • BT Sport
  • AMC Channel
  • BT Store
  • BT Kids

BT On Demand

If you’re away from home a lot, the BT TV app could be a useful tool to have. You can use it to watch TV on your computer, tablet or phone. You can use it on the go or just to watch different channels in your household.

Popular questions about BT Vision

Where is Teletext on BT Vision?

When BT Vision first launched, a lot of customers were complaining that Teletext and red button services were not available. Teletext is still not available but BBC Text is available on the red button via channel 301.

BT Vision: Where are the HD channels?

You’ll find HD alternatives for popular Freeview channels such as ITV and BBC. You can also add HD channels to your account.

Where to buy BT Vision remote control?

You can buy a BT Vision remote control by calling BT Vision on the contact number on this page. Unconfirmed sources say it costs £9.99, but if it is faulty you may not be charged.

What are BT Vision Powerline adapters?

If your BT Home Hub is in a separate room to your Vision box or over two metres away, you’ll need a powerline adapter which connects the two services. It’s an ethernet cable which you connect your ethernet port and Vision box LAN adapter. If you ever need assistance with this, you can contact the BT Vision technical team who will gladly assist you.

Why does BT Vision need a broadband connection?

BT TV is made up of two components: Freeview/DTT, where signal is received from an aerial and IPTV which is delivered via broadband. You need broadband to watch the on-demand programmes and extra channels such as BT Sport. If you only have an aerial, you’d only be able to watch live TV channels, so for the best BT TV experience, BT insists all customers have a broadband connection.

Why does BT Vision keep buffering?

There are a number of reasons why your BT Vision box could be consistently buffering. It could be because your broadband is having speed issues or the wifi is down in your area. For assistance with this issue, call the BT Vision technical team and they may send someone out to your home to further assess the issue with buffering.


Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to BT. The direct contact number for BT can be found in the public domain or on their official website.