BT Infinity Contact Helpline

0844 826 0468

BT Infinity is a broadband service provided by BT in the UK.

Other BT Contact Numbers:

BT Phone Number
Head Office 0844 826 0468
BT Infinity Complaints 0844 826 0468
Customer Services 0844 826 0468

BT Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

BT Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office BT Correspondence Centre
Providence Row
DH98 1BT

Why Would I Need To Call The Helpline For BT Infinity?

The BT Infinity helpline is by far the fastest, easiest and most direct way to get in contact with BT Infinity’s team. The BT Infinity helpline number is 0844 826 0468 and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The BT Infinity phone line is partially automated, so customer who call can do so at any time of the day or night and be easily directed to the department most able to help them. Once they have been relayed to the right department, a trained BT customer service representative will take over the call and guide you through any problem you may have, answering your questions and working with you to resolve your issue so you can walk away happy.

    • To enquire about what BT Infinity can do for your business or household
    • To change your subscription
    • To report a problem with your connection
    • To get advice on staying secure online
    • To make an enquiry or make a complaint

What is BT Infinity and can I get it?
How is BT infinity installed?
Which products and services work with BT Infinity?
Why are BT Infinity speeds preceded by “Up To” on advertising?

How can BT infinity help me

BT Infinity is a fibre optic broadband service by BT which you can call the BT Infinity helpline for information about.

The service allows you to do more online with a connection that is faster than ever. There is less waiting around with 76mb speeds that allow you to download and stream at a very quick speed. You can also use BT Infinity on multiple devices and never worry about the connection dropping out, even at peak times of the day. There are unlimited download packages so you will never go over your usage allowance.

Switching to BT Infinity is easy, as BT will liaise with your current provider to make the process as simple as possible. The service will be installed in your home or business by a quality engineer. All BT Infinity packages come with a Home Hub router, free WiFi and free online storage. It also has a unique BT helpline for customers with queries.

Alternative Ways To Contact BT Infinity

As noted above, the quickest, easiest and most direct way to contact BT Infinity is by calling our BT Infinity phone number, 0844 826 0468. This phone line is manned 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, so whenever you need to call, the BT customer service teams will be there to take your call. The customer service reps are trained to handle the vast majority of issues presented to them – where they cannot help, they will be able to transfer you through to another member of staff with more authority or a department with more expertise relating to your problem or question, making sure you get the resolution you want.

However, sometimes it isn’t possible or convenient to phone a contact line: if that happens, you can get in touch using the contact forms on the official BT website, or send a letter to the following addresses!

For domestic or home enquiries or complaints:

BT Correspondence Centre
Providence Row
DH98 1BT

For business enquiries and complaints:

BT Business Accounts
Providence Row
DH98 1BT

If you are writing for a corporate enquiry, you should send your letter to this address only:

BT Group plc,
BT Centre,
81 Newgate Street,
London EC1A 7AJ


What is BT Infinity and can I get it?

BT Infinity is a broadband network that uses fibre-optic cables instead of copper wiring to provide a much faster, smoother and more powerful internet connection. The main upshot of this is faster internet – much faster. BT are rolling our Infinity’s fibre-optic network across the UK, so you can call the on the BT Infinity customer number to find out whether it has come to your area already and, if not, when it will arrive.

If it is not in your area, you can ask to be put on a waiting list and will be notified of its progress. If it has rolled out in your area already, you can call up and simply sign up for installation!

How is BT infinity installed?

BT may lay fiber-optic cables all the way to your home if you qualify for the highest speeds. This will be done as quickly and unobtrusively as possible, so as not to disrupt your home life, then a BT modem will be plugged in and you’ll be ready to go!

If you live in a block of flats or other communal buildings, installation will be arranged on an individual-circumstance basis, and our installation engineers will be in touch to arrange it with you.

Which products and services work with BT Infinity?


TV Services like streaming video, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will, as a rule of thumb, work better with BT INfinity than they would with a standard broadband connection. Downloading large files like HD movies will be faster and smoother, although at busy times of day even this may stutter.


Online gaming and streaming should be absolutely no problem with BT Infinity, as the network is designed to handle the transmission of phenomenal amounts of data at very high speeds. Even high-end competitive gaming reliant on split-second timing and accuracy will be easily manageable with BT Infinity’s network.


Your new BT Infinity HomeHub will handle the requirements of BT FON easily, although you will need to reset the systems to register one another before they can work together. If you have any problems with this step of the process, you can call the BT Infinity Helpline for more information.

Why are BT Infinity speeds preceded by “Up To” on advertising?

Every broadband connection and use is different. Factors affecting speed include the time of day that you connect, the number of people accessing data in your area and how much they are using, and the equipment you are using to access the network. Therefore it’s easier and more clear for broadband providers to quote the maximum speed available to, at fewest, 1 in 10 customers on their network in optimum conditions, as individual conditions vary but the capabilities of the network do not. For a brief idea of the sort of speed your area in particular will see on average, call the BT Infinity contact line and ask for an estimate.

More About BT

BT manages the communications needs of consumers in the United Kingdom and a further 170 countries around the world. Their services also include BT phone and TV. As well as providing to home customers, BT also supplies to corporate businesses. BT employs around 20,000 people globally.



Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to BT. The direct contact number for BT can be found in the public domain or on their official website.