Avon Contact Phone Number

0843 658 6902

Whether you’re an Avon representative or a paying customer, the Avon UK contact number can be called for any Avon-related query.

Call the Avon Cosmetics Contact Number to:

  • Find your local representative.
  • Report an undelivered item.
  • Ask about becoming an Avon representative.
  • Enquire about an Avon delivery.

Avon UK

Avon is a manufacturer and distributor of beauty, household and personal care products.  Find your nearest representative by calling Avon’s head office contact number on 0843 557 3652. Some of the products currently on sale include: Skincare such as anti-wrinkle cream, make-up including nail polishes, a large range of fragrances to suit everyone and bath and body products such as shampoo.

Avon has been heavily praised for it’s anti-aging range, which is used by a number of celebrities and has featured heavily in the press. Avon products are mostly distributed through local agents, often referred to as “Avon Ladies” who go door-to-door with the brochure, offering a personal service to customers. Recently Avon have also began selling through their website.

Anyone can become an Avon representative by signing up and selling products to their family and friends.  Avon has a number of celebrity representatives, most recently the singer Alesha Dixon.

Becoming An Avon Representative

If you are looking for some spare income and need to work flexible hours, becoming an Avon Representative could be ideal. The company is the biggest direct seller of beauty products in the world and lets you work from home with the support of Avon when you need it.

You can effectively “Be Your Own Boss” as you would be considered to be a self-employed Independent Avon Representative. This means you have the freedom to work in a way that is best for you, with the hours that work with your current commitments. This could mean that doing it at the weekend if you have a full time job, while the kids are at school or in the evening.

The easiest way to get yourself stared with Avon is by selling to your friends, family and colleagues or by finding and contacting customers with support from Avon. You can give them an Avon Brochure or direct them to your Personal Online Brochure (also known as your POB). Then you will need to take, place and deliver the orders and collect the payment from your customers. After this, Avon will need paying and you can collect your payment.

Avon as a Company

Avon started as a small business in 1886 in New York City. The business was named the California Perfume Company and began trading in 1916. The name Avon was trademarked in 1932. Avon now trades in over 140 countries, with Brazil the largest market. It is the fifth largest beauty company in the world, and the second largest direct seller with six million representatives.

Avon needs new representatives to secure it's future

November 25th, 2013

There are whisperings from the American stock market that Avon products may be in trouble.

The company has suffered recently with negativity in the media, with their ongoing legal problems, currency issues and weak financial results in key regions which have punished the stock levels.

However, top financial stockbrokers claim that Avon may be in line for a comeback on the market. So, is it worth trusting the company?

Well, Avon Products is a very well known beauty manufacturer, having been around for what seems like forever. Of course, everyone remembers their famous 1960’s campaign “Ding Dong Avon Calling”.

So, what happened to that company? Well, the company has posted lukewarm results recently. Despite having over six million representatives all over the world, revenue declined by 2% compared to the previous year. This was apparently because of a 3% decline in independent sales representatives and a 7% decline in products sold.

The company’s legal practices have also been blamed. In 2008, Avon contacted authorities about a lack of compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the USA. The company is currently trying to resolve the issue with the US Government, and it was recently rumoured that an approximate $12 million settlement had been reached.

So, it is quite clear that Avon needs help! How can we help them? They need new enthusiastic representatives.


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