Asda Direct Contact Number

0843 596 3088

Asda is one of the leading supermarkets in the United Kingdom, selling products to millions of British customers every day. The supermarket chain allows you to buy everything from clothing and electrical goods to garden equipment and children’s toys. Customers were once only able to purchase these goods in-store.

Today, Asda also has their own Asda Direct website. Here, you can purchase a variety of products and have them delivered straight to your door. The website is one of the most popular ways that customers choose to purchase items from the supermarket retailer.

If you have any questions or complaints about using the website, call the Asda Direct contact number and speak to an Asda representative today.

Asda Direct phone numbers:

Asda Direct Phone Number
Asda Direct Head Office 0843 596 3088
Deliveries 0844 826 0848
Cancellations 0844 826 0849

Asda Direct Contact Number Opening Hours:

Day Time
Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm
Weekends 8am – 8pm


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What Should I Call Contact Asda Direct For?

  • Find out where your delivery is
  • Track your order from Asda Direct
  • Cancel an order you have placed with the website
  • Find out what items are currently in stock
  • Be informed if a desired item is back in stock
  • Find out more about the Asda Delivery Pass
  • Speak to Asda Complaints regarding a faulty item or refund

What Is Asda Direct?

asda direct contact

Asda Direct is an official website that is run by the supermarket giant of the same name. It is a place where you can buy Asda products online and have them delivered right to your door. To find out more about how to order from them, call the Asda Direct contact details provided. The products that are available to purchase include: clothing; electrical items; home appliances; music; videos; games; books; furniture; home items; outdoor and gardening items; toys; sports and hobbies equipment; beauty products; gifts and DIY essentials.

One of the most appealing things about Asda Direct is that it allows customers to buy products that wouldn’t usually be found in their local branch. For example, if it is only a small store, it is unlikely it will stock outdoor items. When you buy from Asda Direct you can also choose to collect your purchased items in store. The ability to collect in store is free of charge. Home delivery charges can vary depending on the size of the item and the time in which you expect it to be delivered. You can pay on Asda Direct with Paypal, ensuring your card details are secure, or do it with your debit card.

How Much Does Home Delivery Cost With Asda Direct, And Can I Contact Asda If There Is A Problem?

asdaindoorThere are different prices for home delivery at Asda Direct depending on a variety of factors. These include size, date, times and more.

We have listed some of them below so that you know exactly how much you will be paying for Asda Direct orders. If you have any further enquiries, you can call one of the Asda phone numbers and speak to a customer service representative.

Standard Home Delivery

Standard home delivery takes three to five working days. It costs £2.95 for most items including the George range and other small to medium products from Asda Direct.

Next Day Home Delivery

If you order an item from Asda Direct before 7pm it can arrive at your home on the next working day. This service will cost customers £4.50 for small and medium sized deliveries.

Named Day Home Delivery

You can pick a specific day that you wish a small to medium sized item to arrive at your home. This means that you do not have to worry about being out, for instance, or can perfectly time the arrival of a gift. The service costs £4.50. You can call the Asda contact number if you wish to amend the day that an item is due to arrive.

Named Day And Time Slot Home Delivery

For an additional £5.95, you can also specify a time that you want the delivery to arrive. This services applies to small and medium sized products. Same as above, customers can call the Asda Direct phone number if they need to rearrange the time or date should circumstances unexpectedly change.

Large Item Delivery

Large items can be delivered to homes for £8.95. This is a standard service that delivers within 48 hours on any named day. Examples of large items include furniture, televisions and more.

George At Asda

asdageorgeThe most popular range that the Asda Direct website provides is George. This is a fashion line that is an exclusive part of the supermarket. It was launched in 1989 and is sold across 560 different Asda locations as well as online. It has a reputation for good quality fashion that can be purchased at a reasonable value.

The products available to buy from the George range include menswear, womenswear, shoes, baby clothing and school uniforms. There is a one-hundred day satisfaction guarantee across all these ranges.

If you have had a problem with any of the George clothing you have purchased through Asda Direct, you can contact the Asda phone number and speak to a customer service representative. This could be about missing items, returning a delivery and much more.

A few years ago, Asda announced that it wanted to establish a small number of stand-alone George stores in international territories. The supermarket reached an agreement with the Channel Islands company Sandpiper CI to open franchises in Guernsey and Jersey. They also made a deal with the Azadea Group which is based out of Beirut, Lebanon. This saw plans for George to open locations in the Middle East.

A History Of Asda

asdahistoryAsda’s history began in the 1920s with a group of Yorkshire dairy farmers who worked as Hindell’s Dairy Farmers Ltd. In the 1960s, at which point the name had changed to Associated Dairies And Farm Stores, the Asquith chain merged with three supermarkets. The name Asquith And Dairies was abbreviated to make the name it’s now known by today — Asda.

Asda began to have a huge presence in the North of England. Then, in the late 1980s, they began to look into expanding into the south. The company bought the rival Gateway Superstores for £705 million in order to achieve this.

However, the supermarket’s domination of the UK market really came when the American company WalMart decided that it wanted to have a presence in Britain. On July 26th 1999, the group made a £6.7 purchase of Asda and proceeded to open up many new locations.

Asda made some purchases of their own in the years following the Wal-Mart deal. In 2010, Asda made the decision to take over all of Netto’s UK operations and made them an offer of £778 million to do so. In 2011, the supermarket began to rebrand the stores as their own smaller locations. However, 47 of the 194 they purchased needed to be sold off following a ruling by the Office Of Fair Trade. Not long after, Asda also purchased six stores from Focus DIY and converted them into supermarkets.

Today, Asda has over 550 outlets around the country but its headquarters remain in Yorkshire. The president and CEO of the company is Andy Clarke who began as a manager of an Asda store. It also has a huge digital presence with their Asda Direct website where customers can buy clothes, electronics, entertainment and more.

More Info About Asda Direct

asdadirectAsda first launched an online service in 1998. The service was originally only for groceries. However, in 2008, Asda Direct was launched to cover all other bases of the business. At the moment, the Asda Direct website can deliver to 35% of the United Kingdom’s population. This is an expansion on the 30% it originally covered.

Other Asda Web Services

Asda has a variety of other services that the supermarket provides online. Their Asda Money website allows you to take out an insurance policy with the company. This includes life insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance and home insurance. The service comes with expert advice from a team of specialists. Asda Money also has a regularly updated blog about financial issues, a baby cost calculator to help you plan ahead, and a free credit report service to check your status.

Asda Money also has its own breakdown cover service for motorists in the United Kingdom. It is significantly cheaper than its competitors AA and RAC and includes roadside assistance, home assistance, onward travel and the option to claim money back on a hire car, overnight accommodation or alternative transportation in the event of an emergency. Customers can also take out European cover for a slightly higher price that provides the same services across all of the continent.

Frequently Asked Questions about Asda Direct

“How do I cancel my Asda Direct order?”

If you wish to cancel your Asda Direct order straight after it has been purchased, please call the Asda direct contact number and you will be transferred to an adviser that can cancel this for you. Asda direct do offer a cancellation form online that you can download and fill out if you find that easier, however this is not an essential requirement for ensuring that your order is cancelled. If you wish to cancel the order of any items that have already left the Asda direct warehouse then you will have to follow the returns process and send them back once they have been delivered to you. Please make sure you request a proof of postage to avoid any disappointment if item is lost and not returned.  Choosing a service that also insures the content of the package is also recommended. If you are having any issues with cancelling an order, or would like to know how long you have before you receive you refund, please call the Asda direct contact number.

“How do I return my Asda Direct delivery?”asdahistory

Returns for Asda Direct/George can be done quickly and easily online by logging into your account. You will have been given the option to create an account when ordering from Asda direct, but if you cannot remember the log in details, the website will have an option for you to retrieve them. If you did not register when making your order and are logging on as a guest customer, you can still view your order details via the track my order option. After they have been retrieved and you have proceeded to log in, your account will give you the option to view your recent orders. Click to view these and you will come across all of your orders, including the item you wish to return. Next to the image will be a return option where you can state the amount of items you wish to return, including a return reason. Depending on your location, the options for return are usually either Collect+, Royal Mail or return directly to an Asda store. The item will be returned within 2-3 weeks if you have sent it via post or Collect+, you will then get an email saying that your refund will be processed within 3-5 days. If it has been longer than this and you have not been notified to say that Asda Direct have received your return, or your refund has not been processed after 5 days please call Asda direct directly on their contact number. Please note that the item(s) you are returning must be done so within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

“Where is the Asda Direct call centre?”

The Asda Direct call centre is based in South Africa and has different advisers for different departments. The call centre used to be based in Milton Keynes but has since gone overseas in its operations. The move from Milton keynes to South Africa was completed in stages. In the first stage, there were advisers based both in South Africa and Milton Keynes, and as the transition progressed, Asda closed its Milton keynes office and ran all enquiries through the South African office, concentrating on providing the best customer service they could.






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