Xbox One to Get First Torrent Client

Xbox One customers may soon be able to use the game’s platform’s first torrent service as part of a Microsoft-wide multiplatform update.

In March, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was announced at Build Developer Conference, and revealed to be up for release this summer. The update sees Microsoft continue its plan to bring the PC operating system and the Xbox One system closer to full integration. The primary means of achieving this integration so far is the Universal Windows Platform, which unifies all Windows 10 platforms and allows game developers and app developers to create products that can work equally well on any of the devices. In the same update, the Windows Store and Xbox Live Marketplace will also be united into one entity.

This unification will also include many compatible products, one of which is Torrex Pro, a UWP app currently on the Windows Store. Developed by Estonian developer Finebits OÜ, it includes the ability to stream video, and download in real time, and, tellingly, it has recently been updated to allow compatibility with the Xbox One system.

The developer confirmed that the app is “preparing to make the jump” to Xbox One and will be ready to fit into Windows Mobile soon.

It is not clear what extent Torrex will be used on Xbox, however. At the moment, users have little access to the hard drive on the console, and the app’s use to torrent pirated software and files is likely to be blocked by Microsoft – or at least made very difficult.

While Finebits OÜ acknowledges that its torrenting software can be used to share pirated materials, and, in fact, that most torrenting software in circulation is used for exactly that purpose, they maintain a firm stance that the software itself is not to blame. Torrenting software is legal, and, as Finebits OÜ says, it is entirely up to the user to avoid sharing “malicious, false or illegal materials.”

During the same announcement, a spokesman for the developer confirmed that Torrex would be coming to Xbox One, and also the emerging VR platform, Hololens.

If you want to speak to Microsoft about the upgrade, have questions about the torrenting software or are concerned about privacy, you can call them on our Microsoft contact number.