Wireless Mobile Charging Trousers Are The Weirdest Wearable Tech Yet

Wearable technology has been met with something of a mixed reaction. Within the tech industry and media, it has been hyped as a major part of the industry’s future. However, if you walk down a busy shopping street, very few people are sporting the technology-infused accessories. At least not to the same extent that people are browsing on their iPads or checking their smartphones.

Wearable tech is very much a love/hate industry.

One recent wearable tech innovation is going to do very little to change the diverse opinions on the technology; the passionate enthusiasm and the complete disregard — the world’s very pair of pants that actually charges your phone! A collaborative project between tech corporation Microsoft and the British fashion guru Adrien Sauvage, it’s an invention that will add fuel to the fire of both camps.

The concept of trousers that charge your phone on-the-go came to designer Adrien Sauvage when he was experimenting with the idea of integrating technology with high fashion. The fashion legend, who has celebrity clients from Jude Law to Mos Def, described at a London fashion show how his phone was always dying and wanted to address the need to charge it no matter where you are.

The trousers are apparently a ‘wearable chino’ style that have been kitted out with the Nokia DC-50 charging plate (now owned by Microsoft) that was assembled inside one of the front pockets of the trousers. It means that your phone will be charged simply by the act of putting it in your pocket.

adrien sauvage

Microsoft have called Adrien Sauvage’s design ‘amazing’ and many others have followed suit. To name just a few, the blogger Philip Grieco tweeted ‘bravo’ in regards to the announcement while the website PhoneDog expressed how much it wanted them.

The excitement shouldn’t come entirely as a surprise. Once you get past how weird the sheer concept of a phone charger being embedded in your pocket is, there are certainly benefits to the design. Frequent travelers and those who work on the go will certainly see the appeal.

However, there has been just as much criticism as enthusiasm for the Microsoft and Adrien Sauvage collaboration. Rahul R at IB Times is among its most scathing detractors. He attacked it for being illogical, saying that Google and Apple can see their competition easing and said its users depends on “divine intervention to protect themselves against a battery blow-up.”

Even designer Adrien Sauvage admits there’s a flaw in the design: he was never able to figure out a way to wash them.

The bizarre wearable tech is expected to be available for pre-order from Amazon shortly. Whether this will be one of the items in this technology trend that takes off or whether it dies a quick and shameful death will soon be seen. However, one thing’s for certain: in the already heated debate about the relevancy of wearable tech, this is sure to be right in the line of fire.