When Will The iPhone 6 Be Released?

Are You Wondering When The iPhone 6 Will Be Released?

With all the buzz and hype surrounding the next iPhone release date, the guys here at Number Direct have mathematically predicted the date the iPhone 6 will be released.

Using historical data, the Number Direct team have carefully analyzed and accurately predicted when Apple will release their next generation iPhone. The results will surprise you! Enjoy and let the countdown begin!

The iPhone 6 has now been released and we can see that we got our predictions for both the release date and the announcement date exactly right!
If you are looking to speak to Apple about ordering an iPhone 6 then please visit our Apple contact number page.


iPhone 6 Rumours

The internet is rife with iPhone 6 rumours and these are only expected to keep on growing as our scientifically calculated release date gets even closer. At the moment though, these are the main topics that keep coming up:

Screen Size

Some reports are saying that there will be two iPhone 6’s released, one with a 4.7″ display, and another with a larger 5.5″ display. While it is expected for the iPhone 6 to have a larger screen than its predecessors, whether or not Apple would venture into ‘phablet’ territory is something that remains to be seen.


The design of most mock ups of the iPhone 6 include a much thinner chassis which is expected to be lighter, following the suit of the iPad Air. There is also a lack of bezels with most of the ‘leaks’ showing a smoother, rounded shape, similar to that of the latest generation of iPod touch.


A common feature of Apple products is that they don’t come with a cheap price tag. If the iPhone 6 follows with the pricing structure of the iPhone 5s, we can expect prices to start at around £549 for a 16GB handset.


As Apple revealed their plans for iOS8 at WWDC yesterday, it is expected that, similar to the iPhone 5s, the latest iPhone will come with the most up-to-date Apple OS. Some of the new features of iOS include a new Messages app, QuickType keyboard, a new Health app, Family Sharing, a new look Notifications Centre and an iCloud Photo Library.


There are rumours flying around of a 10 megapixel camera with an f/.8 aperture and an improved filter. However, some other sources have said that Apple are not going to improve on the pixels and are going to focus on other areas such as image stabilisation and enhancement.


Apple has apparently filed a patent for NFC, and there is a chance this could come along as early as the release of the iPhone 6.

128GB Storage

As Apple increased the storage options of their iPads to 128GB, there is a possibility that this could extend to their iPhones. As people start to use their phone as their main camera and use it in place of their iPod or other music devices, it can be easy to fill up 64GB, so a 128GB could be a welcome addition.

Heart Rate EarPods

Working alongside the Health app, the Ear Pod headphone is said to also measure blood pressure and have iBeacons so they are hard to loose.

Expandable Storage

Its almost definite that an SD slot won’t be added to the iPhone 6, with their ever growing iCloud and storage pricing plan, but as their competitors are finding it to be a welcome addition, some sites are reporting that Apple might be considering it too.

Wireless Charging

There is no evidence that Apple will be including wireless charging, but as Samsung already has the feature, it is predicted other smartphones will soon catch up. Its such as Apple-type thing to include, we are 50/50 if this will be included in the iPhone 6.

Flexible Screen

Samsung are suggesting that there will be a smartphone with a flexible screen released in 2014, and if it succeeds, we can expected Apple to follow suit. However, it doesn’t look like it is something that will be included in their latest release.

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