Top 5 FREE Christmas Apps You Need For Your Android Phone

At this time of year, Christmas gets everywhere – On TV, in shop windows, on the radio, behind your ears, between your toes… it even gets on your phone. You can’t hide from Christmas and this list of the Top 5 FREE Christmas apps for Android will convert even the grinchiest of Grinches and make your iphone friends jealous.

#1 Monty’s Christmas – John Lewis Partnership

Of course, number 1 should be the app that goes with everyone’s favorite heart-warming advert by John Lewis. The free app lets you celebrate Christmas with Monty the Penguin. You can listen to the story, read by Dermot O’Leary, play and reveal surprises and send Christmas cards. Great for both kids and adults and makes you feel all gooey inside.


  #2 ChriChristmas-live-wallpaper-android-appstmas Live Wallpaper – Jet Black Software

 This is essentially a Christmas countdown wallpaper, and everybody needs one of those in their life. It is a stunning 3D live wallpaper that features a sparkly Christmas tree in the center with an exciting    countdown to  Christmas underneath, and will not fail to give you that Christmas feeling every morning. There are also other scenes to choose from, like a Happy New Year theme and a Sky Lanterns theme.


  #3 Christmas Radio – My indie app

That’s right, it’s exactly what it says on the tin – A radio app with at least 29 stations playing solely Christmas music. If you love your Frank Sinatra, Nat King-Cole, Wizard or maybe a bit of Wham then this is  the app for  you. A sure fire way to get you revved up for the festive season. You’ll be singing in the  isles while you’re doing your Christmas shopping. There are many Christmas radio apps out there, but I prefer  this one because you  can play it in the background while searching the web, and it has a much more stylish design than most other radio apps.


#4 Christmas Gift Budget – AppallyChristmas-gift-budget-android-app

If you are planning to buy gifts for a lot of people this Christmas, this app will be your saviour. It’s a fun and easy way to manage gift recipients, shopping and budgets. With this useful app, you can keep track of who you need to buy a gift for and tick it off the list when you’ve bought it. Perfect for those who tend to get a little stressed over the festive period. Oh, and one great thing about this app is that you can set a pass code that will keep your shopping list and budget safe from prying eyes.


  #5 Talking Santa – outfit7

From the makers of Talking Tom and Talking Ben we have Talking Santa. Just like the last two, this app will provide countless fun for all the family. Santa will repeat whatever  you say. You can tickle or poke him, feed    him milk and cookies, or be very naughty and relieve some stress by slapping him or throwing a snowball at him. You can even tap his  sack and see whether you’re on his naughty or nice list. Ultimately, the best think    about this app is that you can send customized talking Santa greeting cards via email, MMS,  facebook or youtube.





Now, if these apps don’t get you in mood for Christmas, nothing will. These apps are made for Samsung and other Android phones. For iphone apps, check out the app store.