Today Is The Last Day You Can Use Orange Wednesdays

So long Orange Wednesdays, and thanks for all the pizza and movies. The mobile network EE, which now owns Orange, has decided to finally close the curtain on its 2-4-1 offer. Today is the final day you can use it.

It brings an end to the long-running deal that allowed customers to buy-one-get-one-free at cinema chains and Pizza Express outlets (and even get a free starter of doughballs) around the UK. So what is replacing it? What other deals can you get? And what do we do about our free doughballs now?!

Why are Orange Wednesdays ending?

EE is looking to take its business in its own direction, slowly phasing out Orange and T-Mobile in the process as they put more focus on the whole shared brand under which they operate. Orange Wednesdays is, unfortunately, the next step in that process.

It also doesn’t help that the viewing habits of many movie fans have evolved since it was first introduced. The rise of video-on-demand and home entertainment systems means cinemas themselves don’t quite have the exclusivity they once did. Therefore, the end of Orange Wednesdays could be a way of moving forward with the times.

What could replace it?

EE plans to have “an exciting new offer” available to customers in 2015. What this will involve – and whether it pertains to cinema tickets in any way – is yet to be seen. In the meantime, Vue cinemas around the United Kingdom are letting customers have a Vue 2for1 Wednesday deal throughout March. We expect that this will be a trial run to see if it’s a valuable long-term plan.


What are the last films you could see with today’s Orange Wednesday offer?

It’s not a bad week for Orange Wednesdays to come to an end, seeing as there are no shortage of good films to check out at the cinema. Here are a few that you could go and see with a partner today:

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fans of the novel could use this as an opportunity to finally check out this adaptation of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Of Grey. If you aren’t a fan, don’t worry, director Sam Taylor-Johnson has weeded out many of its flaws and turned the movie into a genuinely dramatic, thrilling and complex tale of sexual politics.

The Theory Of Everything

Eddie Redmayne has just swept the Oscar for Best Actor playing the role of Stephen Hawkins in The Theory Of Everything. It is still showing in UK cinemas if you wish to find out what was so special about his performance.


Aviator shades, slicked back hair and plenty of gunplay – it must be the return of director Micheal Mann whose work includes Heat and Public Enemies. His latest action movie, Blackhat, sees Chris Hemsworth as a hacker helping the FBI solve a cyber crime.

Now, let’s get the real issue here: What about the free doughballs? WHAT WILL BECOME OF THEM?

The future of the free Pizza Express doughballs remains tragically uncertain as Pizza Express isn’t included in Vue’s deal as of yet and EE are keeping its replacement deal under wraps for now. So, unless you’re willing to just, you know, pay for them, you’re out of luck. Otherwise, here’s a really nice recipe to replicate them. You would still need to buy the ingredients. And it will probably take some time. But, whatever, it’s the act that counts, right?