The Apple iWatch: Just another pretentious techsessory?

Wearable smart watches have been on the market for quite some time now, and haven’t really made a huge impact. Due to their unappealing design and limited functionality, people are just not buying into them. Maybe Apple’s new iWatch will change all that.

From a design and novelty point of view we were incredibly excited about the launch of Apple’s iwatch. Apple have never let us down in that department. However, as far as usefulness goes, we are slightly sceptical. Could it really replace the need to get out your smart phone? Or is it just another pretentious techsessory?

In order to test our theory, we’ve made a list of the major things we all like to do with our smart phones to see if the iWatch can compete. And it’d better be pretty darn impressive if they’re expecting us to pay just as much for it.

First and foremost, can you make and receive calls?

Yes, but you’d have to have your iphone on you. There’s a built-in microphone and speaker for phone calls. For private calls you’d have to have a pair of earphones, but that’s no biggie. Users can also silence incoming calls by covering the watch with their hand.

It’s a pretty small screen, can you send messages?

Yes. Again you’d have to have your iphone close by, but users can send and receive messages by voice command or by selecting from preset options. You can also send and receive taps, (as a gentle tap on the wrist,) sketches and heartbeats.

Would be pretty cool if you could listen to music….

You can BUT you only have 2GB available to store your songs. That roughly works out at around 200 songs, and would definitely get you through a workout session without your iphone. Though, it might make for a few tough decisions as to what you put on there.

It’s a watch right, so can you use it as an alarm?

Yes, BUT there may be some issues. The alarm clock will wake up the user via Taptic Engine vibrating sensors mostly designed for the watch’s communication features, which is great as you wouldn’t disturb others, and it would awaken you gently rather than suddenly. However, it’s probable that the user will have to charge the iWatch over night, and so this feature may prove redundant if not on the user’s wrist.

How about pictures, does it have a camera?

No. If you want to take a picture, you’re going to have to use your smart phone. However, you can view pictures from social media and from your own personal picture gallery.

We can’t deal without social media, can you use facebook and twitter?

Yes. As long as you have your iphone with you, you can be as social as you like. Apple have re-made and scaled down popular social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Though, they may be a little different, and some of the features may have been removed, you can still update your status and check your news feed. You’ll also receive tap alerts when you receive a new notification.

Can you browse the web on that small screen though?

Kind of. You’ll be able to see what’s new on the web via certain apps, but as for casually browsing and seeing where it takes you, the answer is no. Do you really want to surf the web on such a small screen anyway?

If there’s a microphone, you must be able to talk to Siri, right?

Yes. You’ll be glad to know that you can talk to Siri. In fact, that’s what you’ll spend most of your time doing. With the screen being so small, it gets a bit fiddly to keep touching and typing, so you’ll definitely become a lot closer to Siri. You can access Siri by saying “Hey, Siri” followed by a question or request.

What about apps, can you download and use them?

Yes you can. There may be a limited amount to download at first but further down the line, more and more apps will be made specifically for the iWatch. Here are the apps that are currently available.

Do we have to have the newest iphone for it to work?

Yes. If you mean new as in no older than the iphone 5 then yes. It will only work with iphones too. So, Android users, it sucks to be you.

Does it match my style, though? How does it look?

It all depends on what your style is. The watches certainly look more attractive than previous smart watches we’ve seen, and could actually pass for a smart-looking watch instead of a tiny spaceship on your wrist. The Watch comes in three distinctive collections; The original Apple Watch collection; The Apple Watch Sport collection; and the luxurious Edition collection. Take your pick. Prices vary dramatically so be sure to keep that in mind.

Anything else?

Um, it tracks your health, shows your daily progress, and helps to motivate you to sit less, move more, and get some exercise. It also provides custom reminders to encourage you to achieve your

fitness goals. It amkes use of the GPS and Wifi in your phone to record how far you travel during your day and your workout.

In addition, once you’ve set up your account, it allows you to pay for things wirelessly, too. You just need to swipe your watch, and you can pay for coffee, groceries and most things that you desire. Your information is also more secure with an iWatch due to its short communication range.

Go on then, how much is the Apple Watch?

Prices start at around £300 for the Apple Watch Sport, and rising to a whopping £13,500 for the solid gold Edition. But there will be a range of price plans available.


Despite its high-end price tag, it seems that the Apple Watch doesn’t quite stand alone as an all-singing, all-dancing smart watch. The reason being that you still need your iphone on you in order for many of it’s features to work.

There’s a reason smart watches haven’t taken off, mobile phones have changed the fundamentals of our behaviour when it comes to wearing technology; wearing time on our wrists has been replaced by smartphones that tell us the time whilst also bringing us photo and video recording capabilities. So it seems an impossible feat to try to do the same again, but in reverse.

Having said this, they do look smart and would be cool, slick fashion techsessories to own. They would also make a convenient and, dare I say it, useful addition to your life, if your life is a particular busy one, they just won’t replace your smartphone. Our guess is that the novelty may wear off after a while of looking at such a small screen. A real verdict however, can only be achieved after wearing one on your wrist for a while.

Anyone interested in buying an Apple Watch will be pleased to hear that you’ll be able to pre-order it from April 10, with shipping commencing on April 24. Will you be buying one? Which one takes your fancy?