Taking The Perfect Photo For Your Online Dating Profile On Match.com

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and it couldn’t be more truer than when you are setting up an online dating profile.

The key to creating good dating profiles on websites like Match.com is having a great photo to go with it. The picture you choose to put on your online dating profile will be the very first thing that catches a user’s eye. So if you want to be chatting with girls online and find that perfect match you need to ensure you are taking the perfect photo. How exactly does one do that? Here are our tips on taking good online dating photographs.

1. A Little Effort Goes A Long, Long Way

What we mean by this is quite simple. Don’t just crop your mates out of a photo from the last time you went out in town. You can do better than that. Don’t just drag out some picture from last summer’s holiday that you quite like. Not only is it old (you’d be surprised how much your appearance changes in just six months) but it wasn’t taken with the intention of attracting other online daters. You will want to make sure your photo shows off your personality, your interests and looks good to the kind of person you want to meet. That means taking a brand new photo specifically for this purpose. The first step is talking to a friend who is good with a camera and letting them know you want a dating profile picture.

2. A Good Dating Site Profile Picture Is Always A High Quality Photo

Now you have done this, it is time to think about the photo itself. The reason we suggested you request the assistance of a photo savvy friend is because one of the most important tips for taking online dating photos is ensuring it is high quality. Blurry, low resolution pictures where you can barely see what the person looks like are a common dating site mistake and will almost guarantee you won’t find matches. The best profile pictures for online dating are ones that are clear and well framed (we suggest a medium close up shot) so people can see you right away.

3. The Way You Dress Is Very Important

Unfortunately, whether you are male or female, the tough part of online dating is that your profile picture is going to come under a lot of scrutiny. Almost everything about it will be analysed, and one of the first things that will be dissected is the clothes you are (or are not) wearing. There are basic do’s (keep your shirts on, fellas) and don’ts (sunglasses are a hard no; let people see your face!) but a perfect online dating photo requires a little more than that. You should think about what your clothing says about you and whether this is the image you want to present to a potential partner. Do you love to go out and are looking for a fun-loving partner? Don’t be afraid to look stylish. Are you more of a quiet night in type who will enjoy binge-watching Netflix? Consider a nice casual outfit.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off What You Enjoy

Lastly, it is important to remember that a lot of good dating profiles are going to heed similar advice and you need to make your picture slightly unique from them. So, if you have a particular hobby that you love, don’t be afraid to incorporate that into your picture. If you like fine cuisine take the photo outside your favourite restaurant, for example, or if you like to read frame yourself in front of a book shelf. It will be a great way to align what you put on your online dating profile – your passions, interests and what you are looking for – with the image people will see. It could ensure you are mostly attracting the kind of people you want. At the very least, it’s a conversation starter if you are signed up to Match.com’s premium service (you can contact Match.com if you wish to upgrade). Of course, it is not like you should tell everyone you sometimes watch Swallow Salon, as some hobbies should be your little secret.

5. Smile

It doesn’t get much more simple or more effective than this: look into the camera and smile. Don’t pout and look away, don’t stare off into the distance with a deep thought in your head, just relax and let out your nicest smile. OK Cupid suggests that those who don’t smile lose up to 24 potential matches every year.