These 7 Easy Steps Will Make Your Smartphone Battery Life Last Forever

It almost goes without saying that a smartphone is an essential tool for modern living. The beauty of them is that they can perform almost any duty one might desire throughout an average day. However, no handset has quite yet solved the problem of battery life.

With so many functions, often operating at the same time, it’s never long before the more dedicated smartphone users begin watching that green bar descend into the red, leaving them fumbling around for somewhere to charge up before it dies.

So is there anything you can do? Thankfully, yes, there are seven simple ways to maximize your smartphone’s battery life and make sure you get the most out of your handset.

1. Have A Dark Background Colour

On AMOLED displays – which are used by many types of Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia – every pixel on your display requires a tiny bit of power in order to light up. But, of course, while bright colours produce a lot of light, dark ones do not. Therefore, it’s recommended that users choose a black background if they are serious about conserving as much of their smartphone battery life as possible.

2. Turn Off Push Notifications

Some smartphone users will have push notifications for just about everything: social media, email, instant messaging, games, etc. However, those who are conscious about preserving their smartphone battery life should limit their push notifications to the bare necessities because every time it lights up your screen, lets off a vibration and emits an alarm the power will take a little knock.

3. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When you leave your phone constantly roaming in search of Wi-Fi hotspots or Bluetooth devices to connect to, it will drain your smartphone battery life without the user even knowing it. Make sure you turn them off unless you are actively using them.

4. Background Apps Can Drain Smartphone Battery Life

Even when you aren’t using apps they will still be active in the background — looming there, unnecessarily sapping the life out of your phone — unless they are shut down. Apple iPhone users can close them by quickly double-tapping the home button and closing them from the bottom of the screen. Android users, meanwhile, can go to the ‘Manage Applications’ or ‘Running’ settings.

5. Adjust Your Brightness

Nobody needs to have their smartphone at full, blinding, white hot brightness all of the time. That’s why most handsets now come with an auto-brightness feature that will adjust depending on the phone’s surroundings. Turn this on and it will make sure that your smartphone only uses as much brightness as it needs for you to comfortably use it. In turn, it will save your smartphone battery life, preventing unnecessary light emission.

6. Keep It In Cool Places

It’s not just dogs that die in hot cards; smartphones do too. Heat is one of the main ways that battery lives suffer both short-term and long-term problems.¬† If your phone’s Lithium-ION battery gets too hot it will discharge energy rapidly. To avoid this keep your phone out of direct sunlight, don’t leave it on the seat of your car, and store it in a loose jacket pocket as opposed to a tight jeans one when you are on the go.

7. Watch The Numbers

The best way to maintain your smartphone battery life in the long-term is to keep the number somewhere between 40% and 80% as much as possible. Running your phone from a full 100% to 0% will do a little bit of damage to the battery every time, as will keeping it on charge after it has reached the 100% mark.