Sky And Twitter Made This Amazing Tool So You Never Miss A TV Show

Picture this: You are on a long commute home from work. To pass the time, you are scrolling through your Twitter timeline on your tablet. You suddenly notice a tweet from Sky TV that reminds you that your favourite show is beginning again tonight. You are not sure when you are going to get home to watch it; you might not even remember it is on by the time you are back.

In the past you had to hope that a parent, partner or roommate was home; someone you could telephone and ask to record the show. However, in a 21st century where smartphones and apps can perform almost any function you might desire, it should not come as a surprise that there is now an innovative solution to the problem.

Sky have partnered with the social media giant Twitter to include ‘watch’ and ‘record’ icons on all of their tweets that include the hashtag #WatchOnSky. You simply have to click the ‘watch’ icon and you will be taken to the Sky Go app where you can watch a show mentioned in their tweet on the move. You can set it to record on your box set too so you can watch it as soon as you get home. This means that wherever you might be — on vacation, at work or traveling home — you never have to worry about missing your favourite shows again. The hashtag will be used by the majority of Sky TV’s Twitter accounts including Sky HD, Sky Sports, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living HD, Sky Movies and Sky Arts.

Sky have been at risk of losing customers with many people choosing video-on-demand services over traditional television. Not only are the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant much cheaper than a full Sky package; many people also feel that traditional television is becoming a thing of the past in the internet age. Sky attempted to combat this with Now TV but with a lack of content, poor streaming quality and high prices it has not been an enormous success. However, this partnership between Sky and Twitter proves there may still be a place for subscription television in the era of smartphones, tablets and on-demand.

What is amazing about Sky’s #WatchOnDemand tool is the bridge it creates between discussing entertainment on social media and actually engaging with it. No longer do you have to stand by in confusion and envy as your followers debate some interesting new television show you haven’t seen. Now, you can potentially set it to record or watch it immediately and see what all the buzz is about. It’s the kind of instant engagement that has made Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant such a success — not having to wait or to travel to get your hands on something to watch — and now you can access it straight from social media.

Sky’s head of broadcast for the United Kingdom, Dan Biddle, is among those enthusiastic about the innovative tool. He puts it best, saying: “User of Twitter┬áreally enjoy tweeting about what is on television, they can talk about the TV shows that they love with fans across the country or even world. #WatchOnSky will be a particularly exciting feature for these people because they will be able to follow the social buzz when they are out and about and it will enable them to record it to view later on.”

The #WatchOnSky tool is available on smartphones and tablets now.