See How Samsung Plan To Fight Apple For High Street Sales

The war between Samsung and Apple has raged for several years now. They have battled to have the biggest launches, the newest technology and most importantly the highest sales. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the companies often lock horns and use sales tips to get people interested in their products before they release; they are the two most popular technology corporations in the world today. But with a $2 billion court-case currently in progress regarding plagiarism, the war between Samsung and Apple has easily become one of the most bloody corporate conflicts in business history.

The battlefield has moved to another location in the last few days: the high street. With the release of Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5, the company has decided to open a plethora of ┬áSamsung Experience stores across the UK. They are an attempt to increase awareness of their brand, taking on the famous Apple stores that can be found in many of the world’s major cities today. The idea is that consumers who are spending their weekend shopping won’t just be attracted to the sleek white Apple stores anymore; they might want to look in a Samsung retailer too. There are nine Samsung Experience stores now open to the British public with another 60 arriving across Europe over the next three months. Apple currently have 37 in the United Kingdom.

The layout of the Samsung Experience stores will follow more or less the same formula as Apple. There are several desks reaching back into the store that allow customers a hands-on experience of Samsung’s phones and tablets. They also have a handful of ‘Samsung Experience Consultants’ that provide customer service in a similar fashion to Apple’s Genius Bar. Of course, most of Samsung’s products can be bought in the store too from mobile phones and tablets to laptops and wearables.

Customers standing proudly behind the Apple brand have already begun to make fun of the Samsung Experience stores’ similarities to their Apple competitor. It has already been labelled a typical move by ‘Samesung’, a word which was coined to describe the allegations of copying designs and specs from their rivals. Meanwhile, those on the other side of the battle have welcomed the openings. Photos taken prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 showed hundreds of people waiting in line to try the new device (as pictured above).

However, it’s not so much the design of the Samsung Experience stores that is important here; it’s what their opening signifies. In an already heated battle between the two tech corporations, Samsung have just stormed the gates and marked the territory as their own. They’re now waging a war that extends way beyond boardrooms, design meetings and jabs via social media; this battle is now about recruiting regular money-spending folks to one side or another. Their intentions are clear: Samsung are not letting Apple become the biggest technology company in the world without a fight.