That Walkman Might Be Worth More Than You Think

Are you ignoring a small fortune gathering dust in your attic? Or maybe a box at the bottom of the wardrobe is sitting innocuously, ignored, full of cash.

That’s very possible, according to a report from

As the trend of collecting 80’s and 90’s tech continues to grow among nostalgics, the value of the technology continues to rise. At the moment, an original Sony CD Walkman is worth eight times as much as its most recent counterpart.

So even though it might look like the latest gadgets are getting smaller and sleeker (because they are) that doesn’t mean there’s no market for the older, clunkier model. CD Walkman sets, CRT TVs, VHS recorders… They all seem outdated and poor quality now, compared to modern tech, but with nostalgia glasses on, they’re perfect. Even though they’ve been replaced with iPods, flatscreen, HDTVs and streaming services/blu-ray players, it’s very possible that you still have them somewhere, possibly forgotten from the changeover days, when they were “the backup” in case the DVD player or iPod broke. If that’s the case, the dollar signs in your eyes may make it difficult to see the rest fo the article.

An 80’s Gameboy may not seem like much, but it’s a huge piece of their childhood to an 80’s kid. Hell, I remember my Gameboy Colour, and if I got into some sort of nostalgic spiral, I might buy another one day. What I do know, is if I had one, I’d want to know how much it would sell for.

Enter Their Retro Tech page gives you a quick quiz to determine how much you think individual bits of old tech would sell for, from rotary phones to typewriters, with often shocking results. Turns out an iPod classic sold recently for £807, and a 1989 Nintendo Gameboy sold for £259. Nothing to sniff at!

So check the attic, under the bed and in the drawers – a Sony CD Walkman could be £273 in disguise, and a JVC VHS recorder could net you £355. The Underwood typewriter mentioned earlier? One sold recently for £994, although it was from the 1930’s… And a boxy Apple Macintosh 128k, with its monochrome screen and hard drive small enough that it couldn’t store one single modern photograph… That sold for £1274. At those sorts of prices, that’s less a boxy, ancient computer and more a holiday waiting to happen.

So keep an eye out for your old junk – if your nostalgia isn’t too strong to part with it, someone else’s nostalgia will be, and as the trend for buying these old pieces continues, so will the demand. Fond memories sell, it seems, and if you’re the one doing the selling, you could wind up sitting on a decent pile of money.