Awesome Tech We Want To See In 2015

We’ve seen some great technology in 2014, and we really are grateful to the tech industry for making our lives a lot easier and much more entertaining. The problem is, when we get everything we want, we always seem to want more.

We want our tech to be faster, smarter and more seamless. We look at every aspect of our lives with critical eyes and think it could be better or enhanced in some way by technology. Secretly, we’re all waiting for the day when self-driving cars are the norm, and everyone’s flying around on hover boards, but until then, these are some tech improvements we want to see in 2015.

Smarter Smartphones 

Smart phones may have graduated with a first, but we want them to go even further and get the Masters degree. A common complaint about current smart phones is poor battery life. So, we’d like the smart phones of 2015 to have decent battery life, preferably lasting for the best part of a week. If they could be charged wirelessly, then that would be great, too. Maybe there could even be solar-powered smart phones. Although, with British weather being the way it is, that might not be as beneficial as we think. iphone-while-texting

Another problem is having to stop what we’re doing when reading texts, which is obviously impossible if you’re driving. So, it would be very convenient for smart phones to be able to read incoming texts out loud when people are busy or driving. It would make the roads safer for everyone.

4G Accessible Everywhere

One of the most talked about tech frustrations is losing signal. Come on, we live in an age where nearly everything connects to the internet. Surely we should be getting high quality 4G in most areas now. Many people rarely get 3G outside of London, never mind 4G.

Take a leaf out of Korea’s book, who boasts the fastest internet in the world. In Korea, almost everyone is connected to 4G at any one time, even in rural areas. So 4G all over the UK is a must-have for 2015, we shouldn’t even need to ask.

Smart Homes And Appliances With Built In Sensors

Samsung have already rolled out a version of these in Asia, but we want them too. We would like built-in sensors on appliances, or on walls, that make our homes smart by being strategically placed around the house. Ideally they could sense your presence, and make life easier by boiling the kettle, or heating the toilet seat when it senses that you’ve gotten out of bed. Sensors could also turn lights on and off as you enter and leave your house.

The Samsung smart homes in Asia also allow you to switch things off and on from outside your home, using your smart phone. So, we’d like to have those as well, please.

Universal Language Translator Tools

If you’ve ever lived, travelled or worked abroad then you’ll understand how hard it is to get around if you can’t speak the local language. There are existing language translation apps, but if the text you want to read is in Mandarin or French then it becomes a problem. Another problem is that when someone is talking to you in a real time, it’s not only inconvenient to get your phone out but it’s also time-consuming, awkward and irrelevant when the moment has passed.

If a language translator tool was invented that could maybe fit in your ear or on your wrist, it could solve this problem. It could listen to speech and translate it instantly to your phone (or even into your ear).

To accompany this creation, there could also be an app that converts printed language, like menus and signage, into English by simply taking a picture of it. Now THAT would be useful!

A Smarter SiriHER movie

Ever since we watched the technologically advanced movie ‘Her’, we’ve all secretly wanted a personal IOS. Although an IOS with feelings and a personality seems like somewhat of a fantasy, we still wouldn’t mind some kind of Android or IOS system that could help organise our lives.

Maybe it could be integrated into the Smart homes we’re hoping for in 2015, or even in our smart phones, but interaction must feel natural and it would be nice to receive voice notifications to remind you of things – a bit like Siri does, but smarter.

Holographic Projectors

Speaking of projecting things, we’d love to see Holographic Projectors being made available in stores. We’ve seen what they can do in the movie ‘Her’, and that famously eerie Michael Jackson performance, but this technology also has some more down-to-earth uses. It could make families and couples who live far apart, feel more connected to each other, as they’ll be able to see the full body 3D hologram of their loved one before their very eyes. You could also have some pretty cool Halloween parties full of projected monsters and zombies.

The possibilities are endless with this invention, but perhaps the most practical use is something that developers are working on at the moment – the ability to project 3D images from your smart phone screen and other devices. Essentially, Holographic Projectors could completely change the face of gaming and entertainment. So we’d like some of those too, please.