What To Do If Your O2 Phone Bill Is Higher Than Expected

It should not be unusual for your O2 bill to slightly exceed the standard monthly rate. Perhaps you have had to send more text messages or make more phone calls than you normally would. However, sometimes, customers see more than a slight rise in their phone bills. Sometimes these can be far higher than expected for no apparent reason.

This is something that has occurred to customers of every one of the major phone networks without exception. It is certainly not a trend exclusive to O2 and has happened to those using the likes of Vodafone, EE, Three as well. However, if you do happen to be an O2 customer in need of assistance with an unexpected and shocking O2 billing, we may be able to offer some advice about why your phone bill is so high, and what you can do to fix it.

Why your O2 phone bill might be so high

Here are some of the reasons people might receive a high bill. Consider whether you meet any of these criteria as it may explain why you are paying so much this month.

It’s your first or final month as an O2 user

Your first bill with O2 will charge you for more than just your monthly phone usage as it will also include the price of your line rental. Similarly, your final bill from the mobile network provider will include another line rental charge; any outstanding debts you have on call, text or data costs; and termination fees you may need to pay for exiting a contract before you’re allowed.

Using premium numbers for calls or texts

If neither of these are the case, you may want to check your O2 bill online for any abnormalities. This could, for instance, include making phone calls or sending text messages to premium numbers (compare the numbers you have used to Ofcom’s guide to call costs to find out if this has been the case).

You have used your phone abroad

Like with all major telecoms companies, using your phone abroad can incur some enormous costs. If you have had to send messages back home or have left your data roaming on, this might explain the high monthly bill you have received (however, O2 should cap your data at less than £50 unless told otherwise).


What to do next if you have O2 billing problems

If none of the above explain why your phone bill is so high, there are several steps that you might wish to take next. First of all:

Get a thorough break-down of your O2 bill

You can check your O2 online bill by signing into My O2 through the network’s official site to see if you have used these numbers. Follow the device you are enquiring about through to ‘view latest airtime bill’ for a details breakdown of the changes you incurred over the last month. This will help you see where the problem might lie.

Contact O2 about the issue

You can be transferred to O2 via our number: 0843 320 9659. A customer service representative should be able to take a closer look at your billing and help resolve the issue for you. If this fails to provide results within 8 weeks of making a complaint…

Get in touch with the ombudsman for mobile phone services

An independent regulator that is approved by Ofcom, the ombudsman exists to resolve any problems you have with a mobile network provider. You can make a complaint via the official Ombudsman site.