Nintendo Snubs Mario for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem

Nintendo announced last week that its upcoming smartphone game range will not be including their most famous property, the Mario series, the high-performing Legend of Zelda brand or the eternally-popular Pokemon franchises, focusing instead on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem as the flagships of their smartphone gaming series.

While the two franchises are popular in their own right, it is definitely interesting that they should be chosen over more established mainline Nintendo brands as the first representatives on the smartphone gaming scene.

Nintendo answered this question at a dedicated Question and Answer session after their most recent earnings report, with their current president Tatsumi Kimishima addressing the decision head-on and with frank honesty. Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem were chosen due to their differening fanbases in the Nintendo customerbase, to allow Nintendo’s smartphone offerings to “follow Miitomo from the viewpoint of increasing the diverse types of consumers interested in Nintendo, and widening opportunities for gameplay.”

Specifically, he noted that the Animal Crossing series had fans in a huge number of demographics, saying that it “has been played by a wide range of consumers including children and women.”

He continued, saying “I think there is a good chance that those consumers would enjoy this.”

Animal Crossing, then, was chosen because of its ability to appeal to a wide range of consumers, and engage demographics that otherwise may not be open to Nintendo. However, Fire Emblem was chosen for exactly the opposite reason, launching to help Nintendo to reach out to their “die-hard fans” and allow them to leverage their existing core fanbase most effectively.

Apart from that, there is little to go on concerning the games. Nintendo and Kimishima have confirmed in press releases that the mobile versions of the games will be “more accessible” products that offer “great value” but there’s still a void of information that prevents any real expectations of the games from forming. How the games will look, how the gameplay will work out or whether the apps will tie in to the console adaptations of each franchise is still uncertain, but in any case, Nintendo’s choice of the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem series seems to be a wise one, all things considered.

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