All You Need To Know About Cancelling Your Virgin Media Account

You only have to skim online forums to realise the frustration of Virgin customers who complain about not being able to cancel Virgin Media. Many customers have commented on the difficulties they’ve had trying to cancel. Complaints include cancellation requests that don’t go through properly; extortionate bills for Virgin Media services they weren’t using; and the prevention and hardship of cancelling in general.

Cancelling Virgin Media – Why is it so hard?

Of course, companies like Virgin are not going to make it easy for customers to cancel the contract they have with them. However, if you’re not satisfied with your Virgin media service, or simply can’t afford it anymore, you’ve every right to cancel or look elsewhere.

If you’ve ever tried to cancel Virgin Media online, you’ll realise that finding the cancel button is like finding a needle in a haystack that doesn’t exist – virtually impossible. And if you’ve ever tried to call, you’ll also recognise the sheer frustration of pressing numbers until eventually you get through to a department that isn’t the right one. And when you get to the right department they conveniently “forget” to make a note of your cancellation. Anyone would think they didn’t want you to leave.

Why can’t I cancel my Virgin Media contract?

There are certain instances where it isn’t possible for you to cancel your Virgin Media service, (at least not straight away and without a fee). The reasons should have been stated in the Terms and Conditions of your contract (but who reads those, right?) For all those who didn’t read them, these instances are:

1. If you’re in the middle of a contract
2. If you owe them money
3. If you haven’t given them 31 days notice
4. If you’re calling on a Sunday (they’re closed)

If you fall outside any of these categories then they should be able to grant your cancellation request without any problems.

So how do I cancel?

  1. If you want to cancel Virgin Media, unfortunately you will have to call them. There is a live chat feature on their website but they will eventually ask you to pick up the phone, after trying repeatedly to retain your custom. So for speed, it’s best to bypass this method and go straight to the phone.

Call them on 0843 658 0676 then select option 5 -> option 3.

  1. Once you’ve registered your request to cancel it will take 31 days, but make sure you jot down a reference number, along with the date and time you called, what was discussed and even the name of the representative you spoke with – just in case the cancellation request gets lost or forgotten about. Also ask about any remaining payments, and what date your last payment will be taking out of your account. DO NOT just cancel your direct debit. Doing this could result in a hefty bill at the end of process due to late charges and missed payments, etc.
  1. To make sure your request to cancel your Virgin Media service is acknowledged, it’s wise to follow up with a letter stating your request to cancel and details of the phone call you made to Virgin Customer Service. You should also send it via recorded delivery so you have proof that you sent it and they received it, and retain a copy of the letter for your records. It may also be useful to keep a receipt of the delivery so that you are able to claim back additional costs from Virgin Media later on. The address to write to is:

              Virgin media ltd
              Virgin media Cancellation Team
              PO box 333
              Matrix Court
              SA2 9BB

  1. Of course, if you want to take it even further then don’t be afraid to exercise your complaints rights. Take your case to the financial ombudsman and/or Ofcom. Virgin Media have 8 weeks to respond to your original request before you are able to take the matter further.

Can I cancel my Virgin Media contract early?

It is possible to cancel your Virgin Media contract early, but you’ll have to pay an early disconnection fee. The fee depends on what Virgin Media Services you have and how long is left on your contract. Details of how much you’re likely to pay can be found here.