Why You Should Make The Switch To LED Lighting

LED lights (light-emitting diodes) have been around for years. They have been used for skin care treatments know as LED therapy,  and used in electronics, white goods and kitsch light-up signs. In the last few years breakthroughs in their development have made them a big player in every sort of lighting, and have led to them surpassing traditional lightbulbs in a number of ways.

They’re cheaper and lower your bills

That’s going to be a hard one to follow, but they do exactly what that says on the tin. LED lights convert far less of their energy to heat than traditional lightbulbs do, leading to far lower required energy for the same brightness. They therefore result in far lower electricity bills and a cleaner, greener conscience as far as the environment is concerned. In fact, LED lights use up to 3000% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs to burn at the same brightness, and last an incredibly long time. In fact…

They last ten times longer than normal lightbulbs

Ten times longer. Everyone hates having to replace lightbulbs, not to mention the cost, inconvenience and frustration of an unexpected blackout, especially when the store is closed or you’ve got something more important to do. With LED bulbs, those moments will be ten times farther apart, and your money spent on replacement bulbs will be only a tiny fraction of what it once was.

It’s easy to replace existing bulbs with LEDS

LED lightbulbs fit into traditional incandescent bulb brackets and run off the same voltage, so you don’t need new light fittings or lamps. You’ll literally be able to just come along and screw in a better, cheaper, longer-lasting alternative without having to make any other changes.

They’re very versatile

LED’s don’t just come in bulb form – they can be bought in a huge variety of shapes, models and flexibilities, including pillars, globes, and flexible tapes that can fit in anywhere and fit to any contour, making them the perfect choice for lighting hard-to-reach or awkward locations, like inside cupboards, under stairs and around furniture features.

They’re tougher and safer than glass bulbs

The casing of an LED light isn’t brittle glass, it’s a tough transparent plastic, and they don’t have the delicate filament in them that so often breaks in incandescent bulbs, rendering them useless. LED lights are built to resist damage and keep working, unlike incandescents, which are designed to break easily and simply be replaced. LEDs also do not produce any heat, so the risk of them damaging fittings, warping wood, causing a fire or simply overheating and losing performance efficiency is tiny compared to incandescents. It’s good to know LED lights are safer as fire law is very strict when it comes to safety practice.

LED’s trump incandescent bulbs on every front – they’re cheaper, tougher, last longer, cost less to run, don’t shatter into glass shards, fit in more places and can be screwed in to any old light socket. They’re the light of the future and you really should just put them everywhere.