King of the Smartphones – Why the Samsung S4 is better Apple’s iPhone 5S

For years now, Apple and Samsung have been taking the technological world hostage against its will with their incessant rivalry to have the best smartphone in the technology kingdom. With both sides using every weapon at their disposal, from forms of trickery in their marketing slander campaigns to lengthy bitter legal battles held across the Globe, the conflict has now really become a drawn out affair. With the release of the latest smartphones on both sides, is it really time to end this long and ‘bloody’ war and finally crown the new ruler of the smartphone tribes?

What makes the Samsung S4 a worthy leader for Smartphones?

For good while now, Apple smartphone fans have seen their iPhone devices as not only a phone but something of a social statement!  With its sleek designs, easy to use interface and not to mention its value retention, the iPhone’s are really the Lannisters of the Technology realm. But in all great stories, a protagonist must enter to defeat the evil tyrant! This is where the Samsung smartphone champion arrives. Surely with this impending clash looming, it’s only a matter of time for Apple’s dominance in the technological world to be extinguished. So, with the Apple extremists flying their banners on one side and Samsung’s loyal devoted legions amassing on the other, it’s time to decide this battle of the smartphones once and for all! Choose your allegiance.


1. Armour (Design) –

Let’s be honest, we all make assumptions and we’re all definitely ‘experts’ when it comes to judging a book by its shiny plated metal covers and it’s stylish designs. This metaphor is extremely true when it comes to choosing a smartphone. Although it must be admitted the Apple iPhone 5S does look pretty sleek with its slim aluminum frame, which is produced the same way a samurai sword would be forged and a glass cover only speed trains in Switzerland use (but easily shatters from a 30cm drop, what does that say about Swiss trains? hmm…), you would be a fool not be drawn in by the allure of the iPhone 5S exterior.

It’s even easier to be convinced when you look at what the challenger, the S4, has to offer with the flimsy plastic black or white covers. It would be easy to think Samsung has come to the fight ill equipped, but any reasonable person would realize it’s not what’s on the outside that counts! This fight is only just warming up.


2. Knowledge (Tech Specs) –

When deciding on a smartphone, most people will determine which one they will go for based on what the devices have to offer. Whatever you are planning on buying, you will want to know what exactly your device is capable of; this is where the Samsung S4’s capabilities really do excel! The S4’s hardware capabilities are second to none! With a quad core processor, removable GB storage, a lot of RAM  and the latest Android operating system Jelly Bean — an extremely popular operating system due to its flexibility with apps and software — this makes the S4’s a real people’s champion! It’s perfect for when it comes to outmaneuvering Apple on the battlefield!

Yet when it comes to looking under the hood of the iPhone 5s, the initial reaction by any Apple techie can easily be of despair and disappointment on what Apple exactly has to offer. Although the processor has improved compared to its ancestral predecessors, the new A7 processor is simply not quad core! The phone when compared to its Samsung opposite also offers less RAM and only allows the option of 16, 32, or 64 GB Storage. Surely this is not the way to repay loyal Apple followers for their oath of loyalty! The operating system is also a kick in the teeth for many users as the systems have traces of Android dressings AND the iTunes apps store is still extremely rigid as ever when compared to the Android Google Play Store. Does the phrase “Lions led by Donkey’s” start to ring some bells for some of the Apple legions?  The Samsung Galaxy S4 in comparison is simply in a league of its own when it comes to the tech specs.


3. Arsenal (Cameras) –

Having the biggest arsenal at your disposal doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to win the fight, but when you are driving a fully loaded Armour Tank against a group of guys with pointy sticks on horses, the odds of war may just seemingly fall in your favor. This is how the S4 and the iPhone 5S must look like when comparing the two cameras head to head.

The Samsung S4 offers one of the best cameras on any smartphone around; with a 13 Megapixel camera, auto focus, LED flash and 1080p HD dual focus recording, the S4 is really a force to be reckoned with. The only possible competitor who can even rival the S4’s camera is the Nokia Lumia 1020 with it’s supposedly‘41 Megapixel sensor’; however Nokia have been forced to admit this is an exaggeration to the actual camera strength. To make matters worse for Samsung’s competitors, Samsung has even gone on to release a special edition of their smartphone known as the S4 Zoom which offers a 16 Megapixel lens, demoralizing if you are competing against Samsung!

Yet when you take a look at the iPhone 5s’ 8 megapixel camera in contrast, it can make anyone feel a little dejected by what Apple has to offer, with the phone providing very little difference compared to its previous models. One new feature which the iPhone has is the stabilizing feature; it makes you think just who are Apple aiming to impress with this feature? Perhaps the many hipsters who have had a little bit too much to drink and can’t stand up straight after a sip of Lambrini.

The Aftermath

Overall, this comparison has left the Samsung S4 standing victoriously at the end of this bitter conflict.  We ‘could’ go into great details about other aspects of the phones such as the battery life and the special features each phone has to determine the king of the smartphones, but really this will leave Apple fans only more bitter and twisted! The best way to make any decision on the phones undoubtedly is to go and try the phones for yourself, but for now, all hail King Samsung, Lord of the smartphones!