What To Do If You Have Wowcher Merchant Issues

Wowcher is becoming an increasingly popular place for getting Wowcher deals on the things you love as well as the things you’ve never tried before. Some Wowcher deals can often seem too good to be true but they turn out to be fantastic, others can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Of course, it’s always better to be wary about things that seem too good be true – you should always read the T&Cs carefully, as each deal is different, and make sure you understand how Wowcher works generally. However, if you’ve found yourself at the brunt end of a Wowcher Merchant, here’s what you can do about it. You might just get yourself a Wowcher refund and/or compensation.

Can I return a Wowcher?

Everyone has a right to change their mind. And as long as it’s within 14 days and you haven’t yet redeemed your Wowcher voucher, Wowcher offers a 14 day money back guarantee where they’ll either Wowcher refund 100% of your money in cash or Wowcher wallet credit. To request a refund you must use this form and be sure to include your order number, the Wowcher code and, if you originally paid in cash, your preferred payment method.

If you’re requesting a refund more than 14 days after your purchase, Wowcher may still refund it depending on your case but it’s not guaranteed.

However, if returning isn’t an option, try this…

  1. Contact the merchant

If you’re unhappy with the goods or service you received, the first thing to do is contact the merchant. Why? Well the merchant will want to give a good impression of their business, so they’ll either quickly deal with your problem themselves by offering compensation or they’ll blame Wowcher. Both are great – you either solve your problem with one phone call or you have an idea of who’s to blame.

Can’t get in touch with them? Go to straight to step 4.

  1. Get it in writing

After speaking with the merchant and they say that Wowcher is to blame, you can ask them to put it in writing or send you an email detailing what went wrong and why it isn’t their fault. The more evidence you have, the better.

  1. Know your consumer rights

Before you complain to Wowcher, it’s important to know exactly what your rights are and what you actually want from them.

It’s wise to get familiar with consumer rights such as, The Sales of Goods and Services act, the Unfair Contract Terms in Contract Regulations act, the Misrepresentation act, the Trade Description act and the Supply of Goods and Services act. All are detailed here.

  1. Contact Wowcher complaints department

Wowcher contact number: 0844 826 0641

When you’re armed with the all the information you need, give them a call and lay it on the line. But as Martin Lewis says, “Don’t go militant unless you have to.” Just explain the problem and your suggested resolution, whether that’s an exchange, a Wowcher refund or compensation.

You may find they accept full responsibility. If they don’t, then name drop a few acts and see where that leads. If you still don’t get what you’re after, it’s time to take things further. Just remember to get the representatives name, and jot down the time and length of the call, and what was discussed for future reference.

  1. Write a letter stating your issue and give a deadline

If you get nowhere with the phone call, the next step is to put your Wowcher complaint in writing, and this time you can list the consumer rights you feel Wowcher has broken. Where appropriate, detail actual wording and, if possible, include pictures and any other factual evidence.

State the issues you have and how you’d like them to be resolved, along with a deadline by which you’d like them to be resolved before taking further action.

Wowcher postal address:

Northcliffe House

Meadow Road



  1. Keep a diary and log any extra costs

Throughout the process, it’s wise to keep a diary of all contact and actions taken, especially any extra costs that have been incurred on your part. This will help your case if you have to take it to court, and prevent them from trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

  1. Call your credit card company

If the product, service or experience you purchased from Wowcher is over £100 and you bought it using a credit card, you could be in luck. According to moneysavingexpert, Section 75 laws mean your credit card must protect purchases over £100 for free. So if there’s a problem, you could get your money back.

This is legal protection that has been established so that consumers will never be paying off debt for something which is below acceptable standards or was never recieved, and is a godsend when Moorcroft are chasing you. It applies to most credit cards but not all, that’s why you should contact them to check.

  1. Complain to the ASA

If you feel that the advertisement was misleading or incorrect in any way then you have every right as a consumer to complain to the Advertising Standards Agency. They can change an advert so long as it is not a major change.

If it’s not as simple as that, they may need to conduct a formal investigation, this may take some time. But if the issue gets resolved, not only are you acquiring more evidence for your case, you’re also preventing other consumers getting conned by the same Wowcher deal.

  1. Take it to the small claims court

The small claims court doesn’t physically exist – it’s a system within the civil claims procedure where small claims are allocated, and where the judge makes the process as informal as possible. It’s designed so that people like us can go it alone.

The small claims court is a last resort, and you should try to avoid it where possible. However, if Wowcher or the Merchant still hasn’t given a satisfactory response or offered a refund, don’t give up. Send them a letter informing them that you are going to take them to court. This letter is essential as the judge will want to see that you’ve at least tried to resolve things directly (this is where your diary and log of extra costs comes in useful).

You have up to 6 years to claim here, and the claim should be no more than £10,000. The court may offer mediation between you and Wowcher or the merchant, but like we said, it’s best to try and avoid this where possible as you may have to pay legal fees.