Home Tech That Will Cut Your Energy Bills This Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, homeowners might feel slightly different. The onset of Christmas not only means freezing cold weather and shorter daylight hours for people living here in the United Kingdom. It means higher bills for gas and electricity too. Still if you use energy efficient HVAC system, it can save you considerable amount of money. Go to this website to learn about your options for keeping your monthly energy costs low and your comfort high. But this is something that home tech could solve. You can also visit utilitysavingexpert.com, they can compare your electric bill and see how you can save money. It is too early to tell whether the Big Six energy companies like Scottish Power and EDF are going to spring a last-minute price hike on us. The controversy that ensued last year and the mass exodus of customers moving to independent suppliers suggests they won’t in 2014. However, even without huge increases, the cold and darkness will still have big impact on families up and down the United Kingdom.

Technology has been finding creative and innovative ways to help reduce household bills, using the amazing advances that have been made over the last few years to help ordinary people like you lead an easier life. Here are some examples of technology you can use at home, available to purchase today, that could help save you money this winter:

Innovative Chargers Are Home Tech That Prevents Draining Unnecessary Electricity

One of the biggest consumers of electricity in a typical modern household comes from charging items like smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops. As most people tend to leave products like these charging overnight, building up power for the day ahead, they are left plugged in much longer than they need to be. This accounts for a whopping 13 per cent of all the energy used in a home over the course of a year.

Some technology has attempted to combat this by introducing cut-off points when their batteries are full. However, this does not entirely solve the problem and you will still feel an unnecessary damage to your electricity bill. Most adapters will still draw some electricity even the charging is complete.

There is a home tech solution to the problem which could save you upwards of £50 this winter – and, thankfully, it doesn’t involve setting your alarm clock for 3am to turn all your chargers off. Cut-off chargers are now available to buy for as little as £10 that can be set to stop charging devices after a specified amount of time. We would recommend the Belkin Conserve Socket.

Smart Thermostats Control Your Heating Away From The House

When we spoke to British Gas earlier this year about their innovative household technology Hive they told us that over £150s worth of gas and electricity in homes goes to waste. At a time when people’s budgets might be tighter than normal, this is quite a lot of money.

Hive is a smart thermostat home gadget developed by the energy supplier but made available to every homeowner in the United Kingdom. It allows you to control the heating in your home through a smartphone application. This means you don’t have to leave it running all day just to ensure you’re coming home to a warm house after work. You can switch it on from the office, the bus, the train – from anywhere in the world!

Priced at £150 – just slightly undercutting a similar product made by Nest, which Google bought earlier this year – it’s an essential piece of technology for those looking to remain comfortable throughout the winter months without incurring large energy bills.

Smart Light Sensors Save You Wasting Energy

Switching off the lights in a room you aren’t using is easy to forget. Every time you leave your lights on, it’s draining the energy in your home and adding to your bill. However, smart light sensors are there for those times when memory doesn’t serve you,. Using advanced XCT technology that can detect motion, these lights will automatically turn on and off depending on whether you are using a room.

Some of these light systems – for example, the ones provided by Maestro that cost around £25 – are also able to detect how much natural light is entering into a room. This means, best of all, you won’t be using electricity at any time that is not necessary.

The savings aren’t huge – we estimate that it will be about £10 per year – but it all adds up!