3 Reasons Hive By British Gas Is Changing The Way We Live

“So many people don’t know how to control their heating,” says Louise Yarrall, the PR Manager at British Gas. It’s a sad fact, but one that’s inevitably true. We’re all aware of the heat we’re using to make our homes comfortable, but many of us do not know how best to manage it. Even those who do have little control over the unnecessary heat that’s used when we’re at work or asleep. At a time when we are all conscious of how much energy we’re using and the impact it’s having on both our wallets and the environment, it’s difficult not to wonder how much heat is going to waste.

1. It’s Saving Energy And Saving Money

British Gas’ innovation Hive is a budding solution to the problem of wasted energy. It’s a £150 smart thermostat that can be controlled through a free app for your smartphone or tablet. It means that you can set your heating to come on while you’re on the train home or turn it off while you’re at work. It functions via a hub plugged into your router and a receiver close to your boiler. Hive is not just available exclusively to British Gas customers either. As Louise Yarrall explains, the company “called it Hive to make the point that it’s available to all”.

The beauty of the device is that by giving you greater control it potentially saves a great deal of money. “£150 worth of gas and electricity in homes is wasted,” Louise Yarrall tells me and Hive hopes to save its users the lion’s share of that amount. But the ingenuity of Hive is how simple it is to use. You can find out the actual cost of a new boiler over at Quote Check where they find the best prices on household jobs and items. It takes the daunting prospect of managing your home’s heat and water and makes it easy enough for any smartphone user to comprehend. As Louise Yarrall puts it: “People are comfortable using their phones to control different aspects of their lives.”

2. It’s Playing A Big Role In The Internet Of Things

British Gas’ Hive is an exciting early insight into the Internet Of Things. This is the idea that everything in your home will be connected to the internet and have the ability to communicate with one another. It aims to utilise the technology at our fingertips, quite literally in some cases, to simplify the unglamorous things we do in everyday life — or as Louise quite frankly puts it: “the boring things”. Fridges could scan bar-codes on food placed inside then connect to your smartphone calendar to let you know what needs purchasing. Washing could be done with a click of a touchscreen from anywhere in the world.

The Internet Of Things sounds like a wild idea but as Louise Yarrall explains, “the Internet Of Things is coming. It’s already here. 10 years ago it would have been crazy to think that people could get emails to their watch.” Hive demonstrates just how helpful the Internet Of Things will be to customers. And British Gas don’t just intend to stop there. As technology advances, they hope to improve their device to include features that will, among other things, “learn when you are leaving the house”.

3. Hive Is Making Heating Simple

“Nobody likes paying the bills,” she says. The amazing thing about Hive is how simple it makes the process of heating your home though. All the while, it gives users greater control of their heating to save the amount of money they pay. By connecting to the internet and our smartphones, Hive makes what was once a dull and complicated aspect of home life more effective than it has ever been before.

Photo credit: British Gas Press Centre