Get Organised This Xmas With These Useful Apps

Christmas is fun, but it can also be really stressful. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gifts on a budget, organising a Christmas party, making Christmas dinner for the family or simply stocking up on food and drink. It can be hard to keep track of peoples likes, dislikes, favourite colours, allergies and love of pigs in blankets.

Nobody can remember everything, and scribbled notes on paper usually end up being thrown away or forgotten about, but these apps could really help you out over the festive period.


Gift It – A Christmas Shopping List And Countdown App

If you have a lot of people to buy for, keeping track of gifts you’ve bought and are yet to buy can be tricky, but ‘Gift it’ is a fun Christmas shopping list app available from the Apple app store. The app is cartoon-like in appearance and has a notepad and handwritten design that you’ll simply love to use. It helps you to keep all of your gift recipients in one place and to keep on eye on how much you’re spending.


Grocery I.Q

If your current grocery list is on the back of an envelope, then this app is for you. It allows you to make lists from its pre-existing database of groceries using text, voice-search, even bar codes – simply scan your bar code across the phone and the app will find the product. This app will make it so much easier to do your Christmas “big shop”. In addition, this app also searches for relevant coupons or vouchers for the products on your list. So not only does it make life easier for you, it could make it cheaper.


Wunderlist: To-do List And Tasks

‘Wunderlist’ is essentially an app where you can keep all your lists in one place – to-do lists, Christmas lists, grocery lists, decoration lists etc.  It’s able to sync across multiple devices and is not overly complicated – just a bunch of lists that you can manage and update. You can also create personalized lists, send lists to friends and choose to invite people to work on the same list. Perfect, if you’re hosting a Christmas party.


How To Cook Everything

If you’re making Christmas dinner at your house this year, you’re going to need this app (If you don’t want to burn the turkey, that is.) Based on the bestselling cookbook by Mark Bittman, ‘How To Cook Everything’ gives you recipes for any meal you could possibly think of and tells you how to cook it. It even has it’s own timer and right now it has a special winter theme, complete with Christmas recipes. This app costs £2.99 but if you want a free app to help you with your cooking, then ‘Epicurious’ is also useful, just not as good.


Heads Up

Keep your family entertained this Christmas by downloading this fun, family game created by talk show host, Ellen Degeneres. It really is fun and handy to just whip out when everybody has digested their Christmas dinner. From singing songs to miming celebrities, to putting on ludicrous accents this game has it all! You can even record video footage of the game to watch, share and chortle at later! Download this app and you’ve got one less thing to worry about this Christmas.