From Screen to Stomach – A Guide To Ordering With Just Eat

You’re really hungry. Like, really, really hungry. It’s been a long day and the thought of cooking fills you with a hollow, awful dread. No, that was never truly an option. You need a takeaway.

You consider trying to gather the various takeaway menus that have been crammed through your letterbox every day, but there is no guarantee they will be for decent places with good food, and in any case they probably don’t deliver, and you are definitely not going back outside now.

If only there was a service like the My Prep in UK which offers healthy pre-planned meals, in which you could browse thousands of takeaways from the comfort of your own home! If only this service could place an order for you, paid for at the click of a mouse! If only those takeaways would then deliver to your door…

The Site

Just Eat is an online catalogue and directory of thousands of takeaway and fast-food restaurants across the UK, designed to send your ideal meal to your door at the press of a button. In case their dazzling variety and your unbearable hunger pangs have filled your mind with confusion, we’re going to walk you through the process, from registration to contented diner.

Signing Up

On the home page, you’ll have the option to simply begin choosing your order or to log in/sign up. While you can simply begin searching for food, we’re gonna recommend signing up now to save time later. You’ll need your email address and a password, and then your full name, address and a phone number that the restaurant can call if there’s anything they need to tell you about your order.

With those details input, you’re set, and you’ll be taken back to the Just Eat home page. You’ll notice it’s changed now – it now includes suggested high-rated eateries near you that you might like to check out. How cool is that?

Placing Your Order

You’ll see the homepage includes two input bars, one for your postcode and one that reads “I’m hungry for…”. Now think really hard about it. What are you hungry for? You might feel like this is an easy question, but the choice available on Just Eat is enough to freeze someone in their tracks, gripped by indecision. Don’t worry if you can’t decide, though – you can just select “show everything” and go from there. The fast-food world is your oyster now, and that oyster delivers to your door.

Every restaurant listed on the next page has a full menu on the site, along with address and contact details, and ordering is as simple as finding everything you want on the menu, adding things to your basket as you find them and removing them with a click if you change your mind. Once you’re happy with your order, just click “proceed to checkout” and confirm your delivery address (lucky for us these detail are already in there, since we created our accounts earlier).

If you didn’t make an account before, you’ll have to now, and the site will save your address and preferences for later.

Once you’ve chosen your delivery time (either as soon as possible or at a set time), the last step is choosing how to pay – you can either use a credit card now or pay cash to the delivery guy for your order when they arrive, it’s up to you.

The Next Steps

Once your order has been placed, you can track it on the Just Eat website, as it is updated in real time. You’ll be informed if your order is delayed or pushed forward, and when the delivery driver arrives.

Then all that’s left to do is Just Eat!