Where to Find Last Minute Gig Tickets

Where to Find Last Minute Gig Tickets

Music fans who follow news from their favourite artists will know whenever a tour is announced and tickets go on sale. Some people might not hear about it until much later and decide they want to go to a show near them that’s coming up. Tickets normally go on sale around 1-2 weeks after the artist announces their tour, which can be up to a year in advance of the actual tour dates. It is best to buy the tickets as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more likely it is that the event will sell out. However, even if it is the night before an event, you may still be able to snag last-minute gig tickets. Read below to learn where you can find them.

Where to Buy Official Concert Tickets

Unfortunately, ticket scams are as common as ever. Nobody wants to turn up to an event only to be refused entry because of a fraudulent ticket, losing both the experience and their money. To avoid this, artists and venues will partner with professional ticket vendors to provide limited official sources for buying tickets to their events. Not all ticket sales websites will be selling tickets to every event, but it’s worth checking them all to compare prices and refund policies. The face value price should be the same for all official ticket vendors, but their additional fees may vary. These are the ticket sites that you can trust to buy official tickets online:

You can also contact the venue directly to find out if their box office has any remaining tickets. The contact details should be on the venue’s official website. Always check these sources first if you want to buy tickets to a concert. If it is a big event with a high demand for tickets, it is likely that the tickets will have already all sold out from initial sales sources. However, you can still find tickets as late as the day of a sold-out event.

Fan-to-Fan Ticket Resale

If the tickets are not available from any of the sources above, then you will have to rely on fan-to-fan resale services. Sometimes plans change and people can no longer attend a gig, so they will resell their ticket to another fan in order to get their money back. This is usually the case because original ticket sales are non-refundable. One of the best places for last-minute tickets is Twickets. They partner with venues and artists to update names on bookings in case of ticket usage restrictions, which many artists implement to crack down on touts. They also prevent people from overcharging when they list resale tickets. Other choices are:

Most of these are the official resale sites for the companies that originally sold the tickets.  They all usually cap resale prices at 10-15% above the original face value of the ticket. However, the company will also add a 10-15% resale fee for the transaction, not to mention delivery fees. You need to be aware of this when you are comparing resale prices. There is also the option of searching social media for people who are looking to sell their tickets. You can message them to arrange secure payment through PayPal and delivery or cash on collection. Do this as a last resort at your own risk, as scammers often pretend to sell tickets they don’t have.

Secondary Ticket Sale Sites

Finally, there are several infamous secondary ticket sale websites to buy in-demand tickets. Ticketmaster’s own GetMeIn and Seatwave may have closed down, but Stubhub and Viagogo are still going strong, despite widespread criticism. The primary types of people who use these sites are ticket brokers, who specifically buy up desirable tickets and sell them on for profit. These tickets are often listed at drastically high prices, up to 20 times their face value. Sites like Viagogo also add multiple “hidden” transaction fees which makes buying from them far too expensive. There are also plenty of cases of tickets never arriving or tickets being rejected when purchased through sites like this. Sometimes brokers will sell the same ticket multiple times, and whoever gets to the venue first will be allowed in and the rest will be refused entry. The limited order protections and elusive customer support staff make it difficult to recover all the money that you spent.