Everything You Need To Know About Personal Finance With Littlewoods

Life is expensive, and sometimes we all need a little extra help. But before you look to the banks for the credit cards and personal loans, why not try an instant no credit check loan. They do more than just sell clothes and furniture, they offer a little extra help for those times when ends just don’t meet. Check out all the various ways Littlewoods can help solve your financial problems.

Littlewoods Personal Credit Card

One of the ways you can make sure ends meet with Littlewoods is by taking out a personal finance credit card. They are perfect for any personal debt you may have and for anything you may need and just can’t afford right now. It’s like a shopping companion you can rely on. It also comes with some handy features:

  • £10 discount off your fiMan holding tablet pc and credit card indoor, Shopping onlinerst Littlewoods order
  • A line of credit of up to £1,500
  • Handy Mobile Servicing
  • Email alerts when payment is due
  • Speedy Tap-and-go payment option
  • Choose the monthly payment date to suit your budget

The Littlewoods Personal Finance Credit card partners with Capital one, so that is the company who essentially, you’ll be doing business with if you decide to apply. They offer the card at 34.9% APR representative variable.

Am I eligible?

To be accepted for the personal finance credit card you must be over 18, on the electoral roll and will have not been declared bankrupt in the last 12 months. However, meeting these guidelines doesn’t necessarily guarantee acceptance so you will need to consider your credit history and credit score. You also need to be registered as a Littlewoods customer before you can apply. Learn the Ways to Get Cash Now in an Emergency Situation

Littlewoods Moneyway Loan

If you’re thinking BIGGER, whether you’re after a much needed home make over or you’re experiencing financial problems, a Moneyway loan could be just what you’re looking for. It offers one of the best personal loan rates at 32.9%, and you can borrow anything from £1,000 to £15,000. Of course rates always depend on circumstances, loan amount and term. Use their loan calculator to get an estimate of repayments. You may also consider a quote from Sunwise Capital.

The Littlewoods Moneyway Loan has received a 99% satisfaction rate from its customers regarding the service it delivers, but the loan does come with a warning – make sure you can afford the repayments before you apply. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll then make fixed monthly repayments which will allow you to take control of your budget and personal finance situation, and if you so wish, there is an option of spreading your repayments over 5 years.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for online finance with Moneyway you must be 21 or over, a UK resident, have been employed for more than 3 years and have an annual income of £15,000 or more. Your credit history and credit score will also be checked.

If preferred, you can also make a joint application with your partner. You’ll both then be responsible for the loan, but you or your partner will be liable for the loan if the other can’t pay. See here for the important stuff.

Littlewoods Shopping Account

The simple, personal finance shopping account is perfect for those little luxuries and as a little boost to your line of credit, to prevent you from breaking the bank. It is particularly useful for holiday shopping and Christmas expenses. That’s because you don’t have to pay for everything all at once – you can spread the cost at the best personal loan rate of 0%.

There are three options to choose from when using your personal finance shopping account:

Spread the cost interest free

You can spread the cost interest free over 20 weeks, or 52 weeks when you order an item over £100.

Spread the cost further

If you prefer you can extend the repayment period and spread the cost  even further on interest bearing items (See below). However, you will pay interest. For items over £50 you can pay over 104 weeks ( 2 years); for items over £99 you can pay over 156 weeks (3 years); and on selected items you can pay over 260 weeks (5 years).

By Now Pay Later

A popular option for those more expensive purchases is to buy now and pay later. When you spend a minimum of £50, you could pay nothing for up to 12 months. The deferred payment period starts at point of purchase.

Important info

  • Some items from Littlewoods class as interest bearing, which will incur interest if you choose to use your line of credit to purchase them.
  • Advance payments may be required with some orders.
  • Your interest rate will depend on your credit status.
  • Selected items, delivery and installation charges and all financial services products are excluded from Buy Now Pay Later.
  • 1 month is equal to 28 days.
  • This offer is valid until 31/07/2015.

Am I eligible?

Typical credit limit is around £750, however the actual credit limit offered will depend on your credit history and credit score. If it’s bad, they could refuse you. Otherwise, you just have to be over the age of 18.