How To Cancel Your Sky Subscription

To cancel Sky, call their cancellation number, 0843 557 3712

Update: Sky's New Cancellation Policy

In May 2014, Sky announced that they would be redafting their cancellations policy, as the existing policy was extremely confusing and difficult for customers to navigate.
Sky has now made it clear that customers can only cancel over the phone with their website rewriting its policies appropriately. You can do this by calling the Sky Cancellation Phone Number listed here, any time between 7am and 11pm, any day of the week.

No company wants to lose customers; they all try to retain business and keep their subscribers happy. If you try to cancel a Sky subscription, however, you will soon see that they try harder than most to keep their customers. Not only is Sky difficult to cancel, it’s nearly impossible.

For the past few years, the number of people having trouble cancelling their Sky accounts has not only risen, but the nature of the problems have changed – customers are reporting prolonged, persistent problems whenever they try to cancel, until simply giving up out of frustration.

It took The Telegraph filing a report to Ofcom, the telecoms industry regulator, for any notice to be taken, and even now Sky are in talks with the regulator over their cancellations policy – however, Ofcom have stated that Sky will be forced to change the policy for the benefit of customers who want to leave.

While these talks will eventually yield a solution that will be better for customers, until then, we’re stuck working with what we’ve been given. So here’s how to cancel your Sky subscription, even when they try every trick in the book to stop you.

Why is cancelling Sky so difficult?

The official Sky cancellation policy, paraphrased below, seems very straightforward and simple:

If you wish to remove a Sky package from your account or completely cancel your Sky subscription, contact our customer service advisors who will be able to help you.

You can contact us by phone, or online – although please note if you are cancelling online we will have to verify your request over the phone.

It ought to be as easy as choosing option A or option B, and registering that you want to cancel. Sky asks for 31 day’s notice of your wish to cancel – so there’ll be one more bill, you’ll have access to all of Sky’s telecoms services for that month, and then you’ll be disconnected at the end.

That all seems above board, and should be pretty easy, right?


Sky only recently added the information about verifying your identity using the phone when trying to cancel online, so many users of their website wound up at total dead ends when trying to cancel, and rendered attempts to cancel via email, website or letter next to useless.

But wait, there’s more.

The reason behind phone verification, according to Sky, is the unsecured nature of the other channels required to cancel an account. According to them, letters, online communications and emails cannot possibly be secure enough to hold the crucial data necessary to cancel a Sky account, although when asked what this vital data was, Sky refused to answer, even during the Telegraph investigation.

And, lest you think everything will go smoothly if you phone, that’s not guaranteed. Many agitated customers have failed to get past the automated, voice-recognition software that runs the phone lines, while others have run the robot-gauntlet and had an advisor confirm their cancellation… Only to find that they are still being charged for Sky services months later.

At this point, it’s hard to tell whether Sky is deliberately preventing attempts ot leave or is simply phenomenally incompetent. However, either way, the customer winds up losing, with frustration, loss of money, helplessness and growing resentment all but guaranteed.

How to cancel your Sky subscription

This is what you’re here for – how to cancel Sky, even when they actively try to prevent you. From what we’ve gathered, the best and most final way to get rid of Sky is to cancel your direct debit to them, thus shaking them off for good by refusing them any more of your money. However, this is a rather extreme solution, and one that should only be undertaken if you have first tried to cancel without success. First, we recommend that you:

1. Register your request to cancel with Sky using their cancellation contact number or website. If you register online, keep a screenshot of the request to prove you made it on that date; if you call thyem, record the phone call.

2. Sky will hopefully then call you back or reply to you by email or letter, and may leave you a message asking you to call the cancellation number, if they contact you at all. Regardless, if this happens, you should send a written letter to their official complaints address, found online, with your name, address, postcode and your Sky customer number.

In the letter, describe your attempts to cancel previously, including details of your first contact to cancel, and when you send it, make sure to keep a copy and send a copy via recorded delivery, so it can’t possibly get “lost”. You may also wish to keep a copy of the receipt to claim the cost back from Sky at a later date, but that’s up to you.

3. If you have not received verification of the cancellation of your subscription by the end of the 31 day notice period, you are free to cancel your Direct Debit directly at your bank, cutting them off at the source. Don’t do this unless you have given Sky the 31 days of notice and have concrete evidence of your original request to cancel – even with all that, you will likely get letters from Sky’s private debt collection service, but ignore them. They have no actual legal power.

4. If all other methods of communication break down, try Live Chat on their website. When looking for the “Live Chat” option on their website, do not search for “Cancel Sky TV.” Instead, search for something similar, like “Technical Problem With Sky TV Box” and the search will mysteriously, suddenly work. Once you’ve got an advisor on the other end of the chat, explain your attempts to cancel so far, and if possible arrange a solid date and time when Sky will be able to reach you by phone. If they simply tell you to call the Sky cancellation line, tell them that you don’t want to pay the call charges and insist that they call you.

While it might not help at all, you can use a screenshot of the conversation to prove that you tried to cancel your Sky subscription by all the conventional means, and use it if challenged by debt collectors or Sky itself. This evidence will also be useful if you need to take the matter to a higher authority.

5. You’ve got a right to complain. If you feel that Sky isn’t letting you cancel, or you can’t cancel Sky by the conventional means, you can take your case to a Financial Ombudsman or the industry regulator for Sky, Ofcom. When you contact these groups, explain your situation, your attempts to cancel, and send them your information. Explain that you feel that you are being obstructed, and that Sky are deliberately avoiding letting you cancel. Sky then have 8 weeks to respond to your initial request before you can further pursue the matter.

6. A last-ditch trick that worked for a few beleagured customers is to write to Sky’s CEO himself. You can write to him at:

Mr. Jeremy Darroch Chief Executive
Grant Way, Isleworth
Company no: 02247735C



Phone (Customer Service Number):0843 557 3712


When you decide to contact him, include details of all previous correspondence with Sky, including dates, times and the response you received, as well as coopies of your evidence for these.

If your evidence is backdated, as well, then you wil be able to claim any subscription costs taken from you by Sky after your original attempt at cancelling. The weeks or months that Sky can force a customer to wait for cancellation are often charged, so make sure you have evidence of when you registered your cancellation.

If, by some magical twist of fate, you are able to cancel after all this, you should still register a formal complaint for what Sky forced you through to get here. This is a recurring problem that thousands of people have struggled with, and they need to know about it or they can’t change.

If Sky still does not comply, or does not refund you the extra subscription costs incurred while you waited for them, then be ready to threaten further action, even up to legal action. It’s your money, and you’re entitled to it.