How To Buy Digital Content With An O2 Mobile Phone Number

A lot of people are reluctant to provide their credit card details to online sellers, especially for small transactions. That’s why the ability to buy through a mobile phone bill is turning out to be a successful, convenient and trustworthy way to buy digitally.

The method has been rolled out in various mobile phone companies, including O2 in the past few years. O2 claim their Charge to Mobile service is fast, easy and above all safe to use. You can now buy games, apps, music, videos, films and e-books among many other things using your mobile phone number. For O2 customers who have yet to explore this method of purchasing, we have all you need to know.

So, how does Charge To Mobile work?

The process works in two different ways depending on whether you’re on a Pay Monthly contract or Pay As You Go. Of course, if you buy something on a Pay Monthly contract, the cost will go on your monthly bill. However, if you buy something on a Pay As You Go contract, the cost will be taken out of your mobile credit.

What’s great about this method of payment is that you don’t need to input any time-consuming card details. It’s FREE, quick and simple and with PayForIt, a scheme that all UK mobile operators work with, it’s also safe. It’ll make things clear for you and help you out if something goes wrong. O2 also stress that they only work with sellers they trust, and that they will never share your number or your details with anyone else. They’ll also help you if things go wrong, and make sure you get your money back if you’re ever the victim o fraudulent activity.

How do I use Charge To Mobile?

If you’re feeling confident that using charge to mobile is safe and the right thing for your needs, you’ll need to know how to navigate the checkout process.

First, you need to be on a site that allows you to pay with your mobile. Then, simply choose what you want to buy. If the seller texts you, just follow the instructions to reply in the text. After that you should see a confirmation page and receive a text receipt of your purchase. Not all mobile phones have the same set up, so some might ask for a pin that will be sent to you in a free text. But that’s it! It certainly seems much easier than paying with your credit/debit card.

Where can I use Charge To Mobile?

O2 are continuously trying to build relationships with online sellers. Up to now participating shops include iTunes, Google Play, Blackberry World, Windows Phone, Sony Entertainment, Playstation Store, Facebook, and Spotify. But look out for more online sellers in the future as more and more leading brands recognise the power of Charge to Mobile.

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