The Best Technology Seeking Kickstarter Funding This Month

A place for innovation and creativity, Kickstarter is home to many of the most exceptional tech products one can find. It’s there that their creators, from passionate individuals to renowned start-ups, search for the funding possible to make these big ideas become a reality.

This month has been no different. The crowd-funding platform has been packed with more than a few forward-thinking gadgets that could be commonplace in the future. Still, many of them have not reached their goals and require additional funding. So, if you are looking to be at the forefront of the next potential tech revolution and are seeking a great item to back, here are just five of the many products we would endorse:

The Egg by Eggcyte

Smartphones and tablets are items we use on a daily basis now. They have made many aspects of our lives much simpler by providing the facilities to access things like cameras, maps, documents, etc. digitally from the palm of our hand. But there is one obvious drawback to these apps compared to their physical equivalents; they rely on your device having space. We have all been in a situation when a crucial app cannot be downloaded or a photograph cannot be snapped for lack of memory. This is why The Egg could be a brilliant new gadget. It conveniently allows you to transfer data to The Egg from any device no matter where you are. You can then track the items stored on The Egg from your smartphone and share it to whomever you want.

Netup by Shoelace Wireless

Slow mobile internet connection or WiFi connection on your smartphone? Netup intelligently combines both to create an even more powerful internet connection on your device whenever you turn it on. The internet boost app comes from the creators of Video Bee, an award winning app that helps improve connectivity by placing another smartphone next to yours and utilising their combined internet capacities.



GoPro is quickly becoming an immensely popular tool for recording video. However, it’s not the most user-friendly by any means. It’s small, difficult to hold and barely usable without a screen. CAMpanion, developed by Sarah Rose Keyes and her team, allows you to mount the device onto your smartphone and make it much easier to use. You can also film from your GoPro and phone simultaneously with this technology, as well as use the smartphone camera’s flash to help shoot night footage more effectively. It will fit all makes of device and phone.

Scarab by Amulet Corp

A scarab is an Egyptian amulet that was intended to protect its wearer from sickness. It is therefore a fitting name for this amazing piece of technology from Amulet Corp; a wearable device that can pick up invisible threats such as UV light, gamma radiation and carbon monoxide. Collecting information from 16 different sensors and sending them to a map service, this little device, which can be attached to almost any item of clothing, will help you stay safe and healthy.

Displio by Daugiem Group

Now you don’t have to unlock your smartphone and find the suitable app for each of your important updates. You can have it sent directly to a small and stylish display called Displio which can rest perfectly on your office desk, coffee table or nightstand. You can customise it to receive only the updates you want – social media, weather, emails, news, calendar events, meetings, etc. All you have to do is tap or shake it to switch to the next bulletin.