Best of: Black Friday Laptop Deals 2016

Best of: Black Friday Laptop Deals 2016Black Friday is officially two weeks away. The crazy queue’s and fighting over TV’s in your local Tesco, ah Christmas. But, wait. Look, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re smart, you will already know what you want, and will have sourced out the best places for deals on the day. If you’re looking for laptops this Black Friday, you can only imagine the issues you’ll have in stores around the country trying to nab the best price and lug it home. So why not be smart, and find the best places for deals online? That way, you can sit there in your Primark onesie, brew in hand, ready to spend your money.

We know that scouring the web can be tedious and, well, boring if you’re looking at the same thing over and over again. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. Below are some of the best sites for black Friday deals this year. We’ve even gone one step further and singled out some of the best laptops on the market at the moment. Once you know the laptop you want to buy, we advise bookmarking the link to it. This way, you can easily find out on Black Friday if it is in the sale, or if it has any offers or bundles linked to it. From there, you can add it to your basket and checkout. Doing this saves time and effort scrolling through different websites trying to find the ideal laptop for you.

What is Black Friday

Black Friday lands on the last Friday of November. This is usually the day after Thangsgiving in America, as the tradition was started in the country originally. The day became so popular that many UK stores adapted the sales to meet their stock, and so has become tradition in the UK as well as the states. Electricals such as TV’s and Laptops, as well as gaming consoles, have become popular on Black Friday, as they are usually drastically reduced in price. People will queue in the hundreds for a chance to buy a discounted electrical item, which is why buying online is a great and easy way to save your cash this Black Friday.

Best Laptop online sites

You may be wondering what online stores will be offering the best deals this Black Friday. There are a number of sites that offer laptops, and will especially be lowering their prices during the Black Friday deal weekend. Sites such as Laptops Direct, Dell, Currys¬†and Amazon¬†already have Black Friday pages dedicated to the day and ready to go when the clock strikes midnight. We advise bookmarking these sites if you are unsure which item you will want to buy on the day. These pages will have the best deals on there waiting for you shop them. Other sites will also have Black Friday dedicated pages, so don’t be afraid to search your favourite websites for Black Friday promotion pages.

Best of: Black Friday Laptop Deals 2016Best Laptops on the Market

Online you can find a number of deals already on Laptops. However, don’t be lured in by the cheap price. It could be a case of the company trying to reduce stock numbers in order for lower sells at lower prices on the day. However, they will still usually lower the price when the time comes. Bookmark every single laptop you like the look of online, this way, even if some are sold out when the time comes, you have other options to explore.

If you are looking for something upmarket, perhaps you are a designer, the Apple Macbook is great. On the pricey side, Apple Macs are great for all round work and play. If you are after one of these computers, we advise waking up early and finding the best deal online. If your price range is on the lower end of the spectrum, Dell, ASUS, and HP all offer amazing laptop at lower prices. These are pretty much guaranteed to be lowered in price come Black Friday weekend.

If you have found a laptop and would like more information on specification from the manufacturer, we have helplines with ASUS and HP.