Awesome Tech Items Available On Amazon For Under £10

The coolest tech innovations don’t always come with an extortionate price tag. Sometimes, they can be purchased with just a tiny bit of money. So when you’re bored of buying cat toys and t-shirts with your pocket money on Amazon why not have a look at some amazing technology products you can own from Amazon today for less than £10 if you look for some discounts at And if you really want to own them, why not enter our competition at the bottom of the page to win a £25 gift voucher for Amazon, courtesy of your friends at Number Direct.

Bluetooth Keyboard


Some people speculate that tablets could reduce the need for traditional laptop computers in the future. However, there is one thing setting them back: many of them lack a user-friendly way of typing. The touchscreen is fine for social networking and emailing, but typing essays or documents is much slower on a tablet. This can be solved with a bluetooth keyboard though, syncing with your device and allowing you to type from up to 10 metres away.

iPhone Photography Lens Kit


Smartphones have allowed everyone to own a decent quality camera that can be easily transported in their pockets. However, budding photographers may note that phones aren’t exactly the same; they don’t have the lenses that a professional camera can accommodate for. Lenses can be added on to the phone with this £5 kit though which permits you to take wide angle, macro and fish-eyed photos with your device.

Grip Pad For Smartphones


By functioning as a SatNav, music player and much more, smartphones are a device that can be very useful whilst driving. For obvious reasons though, fumbling around with your smartphone while doing 70 mph down a motorway isn’t a good idea. It’s incredibly dangerous, and it puts you and other drivers at risk. A solution can be found with this smartphone grip pad from Thumbs Up, which lets you stick your phone to the dashboard or windscreen so you can keep your eyes on the road and occasionally resort to your phone to change a song or adjust your map. Note: this should never be used for texting, gaming or social networking.

Touchscreen Gloves


With the cold snap growing worse and worse this January, gloves are an essential item of clothing. They aren’t always convenient though. If you need to use your phone you either have to slip them off or resort to finger-less ones that will leave the tips of your fingers freezing cold. If this is a problem, why not think about getting some touchscreen gloves? With silver coated micro fibre tips so you can use your phone no matter how chilly it gets.


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