Apple iOS 7.1 Is Here, But What Does It Feature?

Apple have just dropped iOS 7.1, the first major update of their iOS 7 software since it launched in September. It promises to renovate some of the iPhone and iPad’s features, fix some of the problems users have encountered, and introduce a plethora of cool new things to try out. It took a little while for us to install having seemingly crashed halfway through, but we finally have the update on our device. Therefore, we have broken down the major features included in iOS 7.1 below so that you know exactly what to expect from the update.

Car Play

The major update that iOS 7.1 includes is Car Play, formerly known as iOS In The Car. This integrates your familiar iPhone apps onto the dashboard of certain compatible cars, which can be controlled via the personal voice assistant Siri. There are no cars that are compatible with this iOS 7.1 update yet, however manufacturers like Volvo, Honda and Jaguar have committed to it in the future. They will be available from 2014 and beyond.

Siri Improvements

Apple’s intelligent personal assistant Siri has also seen a handful of improvements and changes in this new software update. There are new features added to the service including movie reviews, restaurant reservations and integration with social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It now comes with manual control too, so Apple users have to hold the home button down to record what they want to say to Siri. It means that the personal assistant only hears what you want it to hear and therefore improves its ability to meet your demands. The voices on Siri are more natural too.

iPhone 5 Fixes And Configurations

iPhone 5 users will notice some slight changes when they install iOS 7.1. The touch ID fingerprint sensor that unlocks your phone — one of the major innovative features on the device — has been improved. Some customers complained that over time the function became less and less reliable. This update fixes how the screen adapts over time to make it work to the very best of its ability. Furthermore, HDR (high definition rendering) is now the default setting on your camera and the bug that saw several iPhone 5 home screen crash (known by some as ‘the white screen of death’) has been repaired.

iPhone 4 Responsiveness And Performance

Customers with an iPhone 4 will be impressed with the improved responsiveness and performance that iOS 7.1 gives their handset. The time it takes to open the web browser Safari has reduced from 2 seconds to 1.8 seconds, for example, while opening your text messages (which some people claim took longer after the iOS 7 update) has dropped from 2.8 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

Design Alterations

There are a few minor design changes that maks the iPhone look more aesthetically pleasing. Both the colours and contrasts have been improved to make icons stand out more against the clear white design of iOS 7. Meanwhile, icons around the phone are now round instead of square. Calendar has gone through a revamp too so that it’s simpler to navigate through days, weeks and months. As has the music player which adds more focus to the ‘shuffle’ and ‘repeat song’ features.